Status_code 401 when trying to send a trade through python. Using requests library

I am trying to make a python program on my computer that will send a trade once I enter in some information. Whenever I make the request to send a trade, the status_code of that request prints as ‘401’ which when looking it up on!/Trades/post_v1_trades_send, it says that ‘Authorization has been denied for this request.’ My ROBLOSECURITY is in a different module and the send_trade function is running from a different module. How do I prevent this error? Am I entering in something incorrectly? I have the x-csrf-token and my ROBLOSECURITY so I don’t know what’s wrong.

My code: (‘roblox’ module)

import settings, httpx, json, requests

logout_data = { #this is for getting the x-csrf-token
    'Accept': 'application/json',
    'Cookie': ".ROBLOSECURITY="+settings.settings['cookie'] #ROBLOSECURITY is posted in my settings module (I don't want to show it here)
h ="",headers=logout_data)


async def send_trade(data): #function is being called from another module
    requested ="", data, settings.settings['cookie'], headers = {
        "Content-Type": "application/json",

        "X-CSRF-TOKEN": h.headers["x-csrf-token"]

    print(requested.status_code) # Prints as 401 ('Authorization has been denied for this request')

From my main module that is calling the send_trade function.

data = json.dumps({ #lowercase json
                "offers": [
                        "userId": TargetUserId, # UserID of the person to send the trade to
                        "userAssetIds": RequestItems, #Items you want to request
                        "robux": RequestRobux # Amount of robux to request
                        "userId": settings.settings["userId"], # My userId
                        "userAssetIds": GiveItems, #Items to give
                        "robux": GiveItems # Amount of robux to give



            }, separators=(',', ':'))