Stay on a running plane without flying when standing

Hello I got a plane from the toolbox [MODEL] and when I fly the plane in the sky while it is anchored I get flown away when I get out of my seat, I want to stay on the plane without being pushed away

Thank you


can’t you just keep the plane anchored and make moving images which would simulate the moving effect?


I still move when I am anchored


try making the players velocity the same as the planes?


could you give me a code as an explanation

Well is the plane a mesh or multiple parts?

the plane has more than one part

Well try find the rough center part of the plane model then just do

local PlanePart = The rough center part

local Players = game.Players

for i,v in pairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do
    if v.Character then

     local Char = v.Character
     local HumRootPart = Char.HUmanoidRootPart

     HumRootPart.AngularVelocity = PlanePart.AngularVelocity
     HumRootPart.LinearVelocity = PlanePart.LinearVelocity


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I found a center part and btw the script isnt complete lol

I completed it now. Had accidentally hit the reply button earlier

unfortunetly it is not working but no error came out, do you have any other methods

Not right now sorry. Maybe try using weld constraints but I don’t think that would work

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Check this post out it might help

@Ma7adi805 when you anchor something with velocity, the velocity does not go away, so you keep getting slid as if the plane is still moving
Because seats anchor you to objects, the velocity is also applied immediately to you when jumping

Oh sorry I didn’t think that through since it gose in all directions including upward.

I tried putting the velocity at 0 when anchored and restores last velocity when unanchored and it worked, Thanks

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