Std:bad_alloc totally crashes Studio

Well, there goes a good few minutes of work because Studio caught an STD. Pun intended.

What does this bug even mean? A few minutes ago it popped up the moment I hit Play Solo - and I have gotten this bug before. It’s not frequent but really pisses me off because it’s random and always crashes Studio, from what I’ve experienced. “Bad allocation”?

NOTE: And yes, for those of you wondering after a little argument from a while back, I do save my work frequently to my hard drive. It’s stuff like this that catches me off guard.

Something is goofing while managing memory, std is the namespace for the standard library in c++, if at any time an allocation function fails for some reason, it throws the exception, could be robloxes goof, or your computers goof. Make sure you’re not running out of memory

Is there something I can do to avoid this? As far as I know my computer still has at least more than half of its memory free.

I can usually predict this bug when I Play Solo and a lot of assets are missing and the Output spits out a megaton of errors; the next time I Play Solo will result in std:bad_alloc. This incident, however, didn’t even throw me so much as a second of solo test time before it shut down Studio.

I don’t really know, hopefully staff can help you out come morning

Bugs and Exploit Reports > Studio Bugs :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear this is happening. When did this start happening? What operating system are you using? Does this happen only when you are editing a specific place?

Unsure when it started happening, maybe two or more months ago (probably only 4 incidents in that time). I’m on a Mac, version 10.9.5. I believe that it only occurs in games saved locally to my hard drive, I don’t remember any incidents with games saved to ROBLOX.

What happens is:

  1. I Play Solo, a lot of assets are missing and the Output is full of errors (haven’t recorded them)
  2. I end the session
  3. I Play Solo again
  4. Studio freezes and “std:bad_alloc” pops up in a small error window
  5. Studio quits

I’ve been having this issue many times as of late.