Steadily Decreasing FPS

I have an issue which is likely from a memory leak but I’d still like some guidance on it.

Over the course of an hour or so of regular gameplay, players in my game typically start to notice permanent FPS drops that steadily get worse until the player rejoins.

Although I’m not too experienced in regards to performance in scripts, I’ve done my best to ensure my code doesn’t cause memory bulking.

I do not have any Scripts from free models, nor do I have any malicious plugins.

I have ensured that there are no closed loops, and I also have ensured that all objects created for script use (tables, instances, etc) are cleaned up by Debris, set to Nil, cleared, or manually Destroyed.

  • Could anyone provide assistance on how to potentially find the source of FPS drops, or ways to ensure my code is even more optimized?
  • Could anyone provide information on whether or not this would even be a memory leak at all?
  • What could be causing this?

I understand that without direct access to my code it could be difficult to pinpoint the issue. I simply would like to be informed on common causes of issues such as this one and ways to prevent it.


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I have found the issue.

BodyVelocity Instances created by and then parented to a part do not get properly cleaned up when their parent is destroyed by :Destroy()

I have fixed this by adding the Velocities to Debris.

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