SteakParticles (Plugin for creating VFX and particle emitters!)

Are you tired of

  1. Making good VFX ?
  2. Searching very looooong textures for VFX?
  3. May im scripter, and i cant make vfx.
  4. Searching tutorials?

Now, your problem is solved!


So, I have created a very good plugin. Here you can create your own VFX without even knowing anything. Or find the right VFX in my effects library. Do you still think that this is not enough? There is a tutorial on the plugin, and on VFX creations, you can (basic) settings in VFX and make them more unique.

Let’s take turns,

  1. Ready-made VFX
  • I created and collected a bunch of useful VFX in order to quickly download VFX without knowledge and desires, without the possibility of configuration. Now, VFX is more than 60 pieces!
    (use example)
  1. Lots of textures for VFX and ParticleEmitter
  • There are very, very, very many of them here. Bubbles, magic attacks, smoke, holes, fire, glitter. Literally everything! Then you can either just export or customize
    more 300 pieces
  1. Setting up
  • Yes, it is basic here, but you can choose several levels of settings. From the most basic to the most advanced. Of course, there is not much that can be configured, but it is easier and more pleasant than in a small editor. What is convenient


  1. Fast export
  • No delays! Always your setup and texture
    (settings: TimeScale: 0.1, Bright - 0, LightEmission - 0, Size - 1, etc. (maked in plugin))

Link to plugin(200R)

Soon, im add themes, and tutorials like videos.
link to place(where are all VFX presets)


example pictures, or even better a test place to check out would be great!

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Thanks for feedback. Wait a minute!

And yes, this plugin in BETA, without bugs. Update every day.

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Notice how all of those properties on the left are easily available in the properties window. I’d rather use the properties window!


okay. If you want, its not really need to create VFX. You can change it all in roblox window. And just export texture with any settings

this is great! but how would it help someone that is not so good at VFX or designing beams etc