Steal Time Game


My friend wants his game rated and tested, he doesn't have a DevForum account so I gotta post for him. It has a very small fanbase, and he has no robux so he wants it to be as good as possible before he spends it to have the max chance of it blowing up.

It’s like a steal time game, here’s a few planned features so don’t include them in your review:

  • Bots

  • Trading

  • Skins/Kill effects


Icon looks good (although you should make it look more brighter and “more appealing”), the thumbnail doesn’t really convey what the game really is about.
When I joined the game, there isn’t really much going on. There are some sounds, but there is no music.
The “2x time” area should not be at the same place at all times, otherwise the gameplay is just going to be revolved around that one place (which gets old pretty fast).
The notification gui appears when something (whether that be an equipment or an amount of time) dropped onto the map should be a bit more noticeable. That something should also have a very noticeable billboard gui so the players know exactly where it spawned.
If you can: add in some other maps and have more frequent events happening in the game.


Thank you for your feedback, he likes it.


Okay, I fixed the weird audio bug. I think I did it in an overcomplicated way, but better that than it break.