Steam locomotive malfunction using constraints

I’m making a steam locomotive, but it collapses the moment the undercarriage that uses restrictions approaches a curve.
The rods also negated the collision and changed the density and friction of the driving wheels, but they couldn’t turn the curve.
What kind of measures are people making other steam locomotives taking?
Thank you.

case 1:

Case 2:

What are you using to make the steam engine move?

I’m using vectorforce.
The driving wheel is not equipped with a motor.

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Hold on let me get the big brains involved @NWSpacek @Inyo22

I only build, lest its about their real world operations, spacek is the one to @.


Was self resolved.
By making the side rods articulated, it runs smoothly.
Thank you for your advice and reply!

I have a new problem, so I will set up a new thread :slight_smile:


I know this is solved, but I’ve been working on the same project, building a constraint steam engine with the Roblox physics engine. I found that trying to run things on a bigger scale works well. the engine is more precise.
Here’s my model to see what I mean: Steam Locomotive (Real) - Roblox

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