Steams'd | Affiliation Information

Steams’d Affiliation Information


  • -Must have over 50 members.
  • -Must be a non-botted group.
  • -Staff members must be professional, which requires grammar and no admin abuse.
  • -Must be a cafe, bakery, hotel, coffee shop group.
  • -Must have 18 ranks.
  • -Groups that are allied MUST be active if you’re group isn’t active alliance will be terminated.
  • -Must have a communications server. (DISCORD)
  • -The group must be willing to announce and attend events or to visit the Cafe at any time.


[1] What is the group name that you are requesting an alliance for?
[2] What would you provide to Steams’d through this alliance?
[3] What makes you a good alliance?
[4] What are you looking forward to gain while you are allied with Steams’d?
[5] How many members are currently in your group?
[6] Who are some of your group’s representatives that we could speak with?
[7] Does your group meet all of our requirements?
[8] How would you rate your groups activity? (1-10)
[9] What can Steams’d provide to you as an alliance?
[10] Does your group agree to attend our shifts and events? Also, to announce our upcoming events?
[11] What type of business is your group?

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