SteamVR: Launch Flow & Device Support Changes

Also when exactly does this go live?


More VR support is desperately needed, countless roblox games use VR and its lack of support is saddening.


This is honestly a great thing to have. I love playing vr on roblox and would love to see this go through!

The change should be fully live as of yesterday night; if you are getting any continuing reports from users being unable to see the game, the reports must be stale and/or they may be using an old version of the client (which should not be possible). The version with the fix is 0.463.

Note that there’s an unrelated issue with new Universal App rollout that doesn’t support VR play; I believe we’re looking into that.


I have my vive breakout box stuck to my desk just so that I can easily unplug it for roblox.

Love to see this change!

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This has to be one of the best updates to VR yet. I have an Oculus Rift S and whenever I wanted to play Roblox it would start in VR since I usually keep my Headset plugged in. I would then have to unplug my headset then plug it back in again. Now I don’t have to anymore! Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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I always had to keep unplugging my VR headset when I was playing a non-vr Roblox game, got tedious and repetitive.
With this fixup, I don’t have to do that anymore.


I like to see something where you can test a game in VR like using a format or layout for developers who don’t have a VR but want to test it.

Exciting to see this, I was really sick of SteamVR opening which would cause other applications to want to launch in VR everytime I ran Roblox, ran a local test server through studio, or tested something in a live server.

I do wish to see better support for VR on Roblox as I think it would be such a powerful metaverse for VR, especially with so many of the new tools that have come out or are in the works recently. I understand why Roblox has made the choice to be on the backend of VR though due to their target demographics and saftey concerns. Enhanced built-in camera and movement controls would make a huge impact alone though, as well as more support for different controllers (even without individual finger tracking on from the Index :P)

I still dream of a day I can play around and make VR games and hangouts for me and my friends with full-body (2 feet and a hip) tracking, finger-tracking, voice-chat, haha. A far off “one-day” dream but a dream none-the-less.


This is nice, I see that you also mentioned the Valve Index by name which brings me to this question, when will the Valve Index’s Knuckle controllers have a proper control scheme? The last time I attempted to use the controllers, the thumbpads on both hands acted as the camera joystick.


Finally! I don’t have to deal with studio opening when Oculus is open!

Oh my god, thank you.
It was so annoying having SteamVR open every time. Any time I wanted to play VR games I had to jump through hoops of connecting everything back up again because everything had to always be unplugged (headset, basestations, connections to controllers) so that SteamVR didn’t spur them up.

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Will roblox ever be compatible for quest?

WAIT REALLY? IS WIRELESS POSSIBLE NOW? :partying_face::partying_face: TEACH ME PLEASE! :pray::pray::pray:

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I just tested this via Virtual Desktop and it works great.

@zeuxcg thank you and the team for fixing this.

Ah!! And when doing that, do you see a virtual monitor or really a 360° experience?

You can choose to view as a virutal monitor, but the VR mode works like any game.
Its the same as hooking up with Oculus Link (better to be honest).

With VD its recommended to have a 5Ghz wifi connection though, so if you don’t have a router to push that you may wanna hold off for now.
There’s plenty of tutorials on Youtube to set up.

YESSSSS, thank yall so much, I had been wrestling for a solution, and you guys put one out.

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I don’t know how many times I’ve had to reopen Roblox and Studio just because my Index was plugged in. Finally, this has been fixed.

Thaaankk yoooouuuuu!!!11111

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Thanks! I just tried the virtual desktop experience and refunded cause I didn’t like it. I’m going to wait with buying it till Roblox supports VR in a better way. Right now I can’t barely use game UI nor walk around in games that are not designed for VR.

(I’m left handed as well due to only having 4 fingers at my right hand… I can’t seem to find a setting for that)

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