SteamVR: Launch Flow & Device Support Changes

Finally thank you I can’t tell you how good this is for a vr user!

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This is awesome! This means I can play ROBLOX Via Virtual Desktop / Without a Link Cable! Thank you ROBLOX :smiley:

This is awesome! I have been using my charger to play and test for a while. I can finally stop worrying about stumbling the wire while in VR.

This is not mentioned in this post. read the post before reply.

I’m confused. Will we been given the option to disable VR within our games, or is this just an automatic thing? Is there a way for us to dictate/decide when VR is not compatible for our game?

The reason I ask this is because there’s been exploits that involved the use of VR and there has only been band-aid solutions.

I currently have an Oculus Quest 2 (No windows sadly). Since VR is not a top priority does this mean we will potentially not see Roblox in the Oculus store ever?

I’ve gotten in contact with the users who had submitted the reports to me, and all appears to be working normally again!

NGL, I was really unsure how I would report it when it was happening, as it was happening to other people, with no repro steps other than “it’s not working when I follow the steps”

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I’ve been waiting for a long time, goodbye StreamVR :slight_smile:

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Aah! Epicc, cant wait what people will create with vr!

I’m not really sure about a standalone app for the oculus store, but this does mean that you could (POSSIBLY) use a virtual machine or something like shadow pc to play roblox on.

Thank you. I am glad this was finally fixed.

This is not exclusive to Oculus, SteamVR has desktop mode.

Didn’t say it was exclusive. I just said it works best for me.

“You can already develop in VR on Oculus devices because of the Screen Mirror function. The same goes for other headsets but it seems to work best on Oculus Rift S for me.”

Has anyone owning an Oculus Rift/Rift S tested this?

I currently own a Rift S, and after this update I can’t seem to play Roblox in VR at all anymore.
Tried starting Roblox in VR with and without SteamVR (which used to work perfectly fine),
and it won’t launch in VR? Seems like Roblox doesn’t detect my headset.
I’m aware that this is supposed to only help people who own a SteamVR HMD,
but it also affects people who don’t have SteamVR HMDs!

Anyway, I’ve also come across these problems from my months of playing Roblox VR:

  • I have heard of this VR toggle that you can apparently find in the in-game menu, but it’s
    nowhere to be found in the new in-game menu that I have (maybe correlates to why Roblox won’t launch in VR anymore).

  • Roblox still launches VR programs (Oculus, etc.) even when they’re closed which is fine, but it becomes a chore to close them every time you start Roblox again.

  • To change your audio output if you’re already in-game, you will still have to close Roblox and relaunch it for it to actually change! This is annoying if you forgot to change your output to the one you’re using with your headset since it doesn’t switch automatically.

It is still unfortunate to see such a big platform struggle with simple VR integration!


A problem I find extremely frustrating is the gamepasses system in vr, the ui isn’t big enough to see and leads to accidental purchases. They might as well disable gamepasses while in vr until they implement some sort of confirm system for vr players because you can silently buy something without even knowing. I lost 200 robux because a game I played felt like sending a gamepass popup as soon as I spawned. I have tried contacting roblox support about this problem but they don’t really care and will continue to copy and paste the same message and tell you to contact the developer of the game–no refunds.

Imagine someone accidentally buying an absurdly high priced gamepass because of the vr system. Now if I ever feel like playing a vr game, I empty my robux back into my group through shirt purchases. It’s a loss but better than losing all my robux.


I currently have a oculus rift s. Does this mean that i can also run roblox from steam vr with my rift s? as well as run without as normal.

I think ROBLOX would have a lot more vr players if a native version of ROBLOX vr comes out on the oculus quest and quest 2

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I think vr support for vive and valve index and windows mixed reality headsets need to be fixed and the vr help page needs to be fixed
And roblox vr needs to
Natively support oculus Quest and quest 2 and PlayStation VR there is a lot more need to be done with vr ROBLOX VR should not be pc vr only if you can’t get ROBLOX on the native quest store make a way to sideload it on the quest

I know this post is incredibly old, but I cannot express how much I love this new feature, it allows me to finally develop and play vr games on roblox with Virtual Desktop! I had to use a streaming service since I have a bad computer, and this enables me to do that. Thank you so much!

Sorry for the bump but i was trying to figure this out and i don’t even know if this is possible. But is there a way to use streamvr with roblox on a oculus rift s?

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