SteamVR once again automatically opens whenever starting roblox

Yaay! Been suffering since last year about it! :tada:

This hasn’t been fixed. Please fix.

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Please, someone needs to take a serious look at this. Actually take it serious. I am so tired of having to rename my SteamVR folder. There is absolutely no way this has existed for over a year and it still hasn’t been patched. I’m glad we’re getting better VR support but the lack of actual bug fixing is absolutely insane for Index / Non-Meta Quest users.

Please make this a priority bug report.

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The deed has been done.
Context: SteamVR also caused a issue to only allow one instance of roblox or roblox studio open so that was the alternative issue presented to be fixed in a video I demonstrated but idk if external links to other websites are allowed on forums so can’t post the link to video.

Right now I’m just unplugging my HMD. Works, but annoying.