SteamVR once again automatically opens whenever starting roblox

This is an issue that has been fixed before, but it seems the recent VR update on roblox has re-introduced it. SteamVR will start up automatically whenever Roblox is loaded, even if the VR setting on roblox is disabled.

This is extremely annoying and It’s been causing issues, like disrupting workflow and taking up unnecessary system resources, plus the window pops up in front of roblox when it launches.

Expected behavior

According to a post made by official roblox employees in 2021, back when this was originally fixed, you need to “make sure SteamVR is running before launching player/Studio if you want to play … in VR.” this is no longer the case.


Yep, this is happening again on my computer too. Editing the settings config file (GlobalBasicSettings_13.xml) to not allow VR also doesn’t solve this.


Until ROBLOX employees finally get up from the couch and bother fixing this issue, you’ll have to remove/rename the openvr folder in %localappdata% to alleviate this.

It’s been a known issue for weeks and not even a ‘We filed this ticket’ message was sent out, so pray it gets fixed in the next year.


The issue will be fixed with the next client release.


Yeahhhh, this is still happening to me.
First it was studio, now its the player as well, and I have no clue whether its been already fixed or not.


Bug has existed for me since 580, still happening. SteamVR launching is not just a minor bug for me, it adjusts my monitors/audio every time it launches lol


So not only did you and @Focia19 lie to both me and everyone in this report, you’ve also failed to uphold your promise and have yet to solve this issue.

As of this message, this has NOT been solved, despite your comments, and SteamVR will STILL forcibly open as if ROBLOX is in VR mode. The ONLY fix to this on our side is to remove the ‘openvr’ folder inside %appdata%/local.

Will we have to wait another two weeks to expect a fix or just another false promise from ROBLOX employees?


Isn’t that what was said last time?


586, bug is still here.

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In less than a week it will have been a month since this bug was reintroduced and there has been no clarification on the supposed “fix” that should have been released as per your comment.

Why has no employee bothered to do their job and fix this issue that plagues multiple users? Why has no employee bothered to make a comment clarifying the release of this fix? Why are we being ignored for a little under a month?


Is there ANY planned changes for this? I dislike having to rename my SteamVR folder everytime I plan on using the ROBLOX Client. It’s quite obnoxious since I use SteamVR for other cases, and have to rename it back for it.


Full transparency: the fix caused a regression with the app launch.
There are suggestions how to solve this, e.g. by giving Steam users a pop-up that asks if you want to start in VR mode. However we won’t get to this until the Quest launch is done.


So instead of applying a fix so that your primary userbase is able to enjoy the product you’re giving us without any interruptions, we’re forced to unnecessarily jump through hoops and wait an undisclosed amount of time for an undisclosed launch date.

All of that just for a fix that should’ve been applied weeks ago as promised in a previous comment here.

I don’t want any employees in this company to ever ask why users of this platform are negative towards you guys when you’re doing this. I’m highly disappointed that you people can’t apply a fix that has been applied before because attention is now focused on making this game applicable for a niche part of the world. ABSOLUTELY disrespectful.


While I understand the frustration, this is incredibly aggressive wording. I highly doubt Focia intentionally “lied” to you, and to say they failed to uphold a ‘promise’ is a bit gross of a misrepresentation of what was being said.

Most likely scenario is that they did in-fact intend for it to be fixed in the time period described, but due to the nature of development, there can be a variety of reasons for an update missing the intended schedule. MetaVars specifically said there was a regression - That means the fix might be more complex than initially thought, and their solution broke something else, leaving them to revert it.

I’m all-for holding Roblox staff accountable for what they say, though you’d best make sure they’re actually acting maliciously if you’re going to imply that they are.

I know from first hand experience that it’s the quickest way to make a developer not want to reply at all. Respectful, but still firm, wording goes a long way.


Really? VR users are hardly the ‘primary userbase’ of roblox. The amount of people who use roblox with SteamVR even installed is probably under a few %.

I really don’t think you’re going to get anywhere by basically repeatedly attempting to gaslight roblox staff. You need to cool your jets. Roblox is honestly one of the more responsive companies I’ve seen, and while they aren’t always the fastest, random employees do not need this dramatic sassing.


Considering this company has made numerous terrible decisions, continue to make terrible decisions… yeah I’m gonna be aggressive. There’s a reason I’m aggressive. This is a company, not a mom-and-pop shop, they’re not gonna cry because they see someone being mean to them online. Just now they decided to remove a bunch of faces because they favor their own vision and profits rather than people like you cleaning their shoes or people like me genuinely wanting a good experience with their product.

Plain and simple, they lied. They specifically said a date and decided to not only give the bare minimum to their fix, but also not to update us for weeks as a “responsive company” would.

Also, I never said VR users are the primary userbase, I was referring to PC users being the majority.

I don’t think a responsive company would ignore us for weeks just to tell us “Yeah the fix we had wasn’t working out, so we’re just not gonna fix this until this new thing is announced and released, sucks to suck!”. I also don’t think a responsive company would have multiple issues with their moderation team, their support ticket team, and even the team here responding to age-old bug reports.

Again, this is a company, they’re not gonna crown you for sticking up.

EDIT: If you want to respond to this further, message me, I’d rather not bump this report unless it actually leads to progress.


IMO Roblox has made a lot of good decisions, actually, honestly mostly good decisions. As a roblox developer I’ve never been happier, really. So your malicious complaints aren’t really registering for me.

They make a few terrible decisions, but not really enough for me to really justify this sort of behavior.

Not really sure this is accurate. With my testing, even on games I only advertise on PC, I typically find the vast majority of players seem to come from mobile devices, and overall I think that’s practically the biggest market Roblox has. Not to mention the fact that the vast majority of PC users don’t have Steam VR installed, as most people don’t own VR, and I don’t see this bug happening to those without SteamVR installed.

I get you are frustrated but it’s still of my opinion that you’re not exactly playing fair with your comments. Very loaded language, but not very productive.
It’s easy to shout boldly, “They lied!”, because they missed an update deadline due to the update causing a regression. But that is hardly productive and infact, somewhat immature.

This is a low priority bug. Plain and simple. I think that’s all that really needs to be said at the end of the day. It sucks, but nobody should be losing any sleep over it.


Chill out. If you want continued staff engagement with bug reports you care about, hell if you want to hear anything at all, quit acting abusive towards people trying to do their job. Roblox the company is not Roblox the individual employees. This is not appropriate behavior and people like you are soiling our efforts to get more transparency and more communication and fix our rapport with Roblox.

Software engineering is not always a straight forward build-release cycle. Things go wrong. It’s also not always possible to separate a bugfix from a major feature if there was significant work underneath required to support both.

As much as this regressing several times annoys me, I’ve done my piece and I just unplug the cable gently and hang it up. Suggest you do the same while you wait patiently.


I hope this gets fixed soon, I’m already tired of having to climb into my cable setup to unplug my Vives’ power cable when I want to play Roblox and having to do the opposite when I actually want to play VR.


You can rename the SteamVR folder in Steam\steamapps\common to anything that isn’t SteamVR when you aren’t using VR as a temporary fix

Still very annoying though


I’m pretty sure I played VR without SteamVR. This bug isn’t 100% prevalent.