Sten Rifle Model

Currently working on a ww2 game
here is the sten rifle model, any suggestions?


Correct me if I’m wrong but was this made with CSG? The model looks good.
But a Sten… rifle?

The only thing that’s different is the holes on the handle(?) are supposed to be bigger.
Everything else is perfect though, nice job!


That looks great man, keep up the great work.

I recommend adding higher quality textures to the sten-rifle. I hope this helped🙂

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Maybe you could also add additional skins for it so players could have the option to choose which skin they like on it, like a camo skin for example🔫

Hey, looks good. I’ve never seen a sten irl, is the right part not curved? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it curved in pics. Good job

Hey, this is a really good build!

One thing I would change a little is the magazine though. You seem to have added some stampings to it that aren’t present in the actual gun. Here’s what a WW2 Sten magazine looks like:

Also, for the caliber that the weapon uses, I feel like the magazine is a little too wide. Other than that, great job!

From what I know, no variant of the Sten uses curved magazines. You might have confused it with the Sterling, which is pretty much an upgraded Sten with a curved mag.

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Ah yes!! I just looked it up and your model is very alike to the sten, good job. It’s a bit chunkier though

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