Stepford County Railway | An Introduction to Training

Welcome to Stepford County Railway Training Programme.

This guide will introduce you to the concept of training, and how to access the various roles within our Roblox group.

Click the sections below to learn more about each aspect of training.

What is Training?

Training is where our high rank staff teach you how to perform a role, and then assess your ability to do it.

You must pass training to receive a rank above Trainee Driver in the Stepford County Railway group.

Dispatcher and Signaller game roles require the associated group rank to be able to play them in the main game.

For Qualified Driver and Dispatcher training, we have a system to allow you to join a training session from the main game. Simply go to the main menu, and click Training for further instructions.

Requirements for Training

The following requirements are required for training:

  • You must be in the group to perform any training.
  • You need to meet certain criteria to attend practical assessment. This may include:
    • an experience limit.
    • time spent playing in a particular role.
    • a theory quiz.

These requirements determine what stage of training you are on:

Stage 1: Basic Requirements
Stage 2: Theory Quiz
Stage 3: Practical Assessment

Joining a Practical Session

When a practical assessment session is available, on the Stage 3 screen you’ll see a statement such as

Starting in 2 hours at 12:00 with BanTech.

Any times are always in London time on SCR, so UTC/GMT in winter and BST in summer.

Join Session button will appear 5 minutes before the start time. Clicking the Join Session button will teleport you to your host’s training server to begin your training.

Occasionally you may see a message pop up such as

The host server could not be found.


The host is not ready yet. Please try again in a few moments.

It usually means the server isn’t fully registered yet, and may take a minute or two. Wait a few moments and try again. If the problem persists, contact your host via one of our official channels or on Roblox.

5 minutes after the start time, the server will lock. If you have missed the joining window, or the server was full, don’t worry - there will be plenty more sessions in the future and you can try again next time.

Let us know on Twitter if you find that the server is full, as we may put on more sessions as demand grows.

Please don’t ask our hosts/HRs to reopen the server - the system is fully automated and our hosts don’t have the ability to override the time limits. This is to keep it fair for everyone, as you are all subject to the same time window.

In the Training Server

In the training server, you should follow the instruction of your host. You will have access to new roles, but you should not join any role other than Passenger until told to do so by your host or a HR. You won’t have your usual points and experience, or trains and routes. This is to protect your saved data.

Your host will tell you where to spawn to allow them to note your name down on the training sheet. We use this sheet to record attendance, and note who passes and fails. If you don’t spawn in the correct place, your name may be missed off the sheet and you will not pass.

Each role has slightly different training, so be sure to pay attention to everything your host tells you.

Pass or Fail

Once your training and assessment has concluded you will be kicked from the server to allow the next trainee to complete their assessment. You may not be told whether or not you’ve passed, depending on the training programme for that role.

If not told during the session, you will know within the next hour or two if you have passed, as you will be ranked to the new role. If you don’t receive the new role, unfortunately you have not passed. You can contact your host or one of our HR team through Roblox or other official channels for more information about why you failed the assessment.

If you were unsuccessful, you will have to wait for a specific timeout period before joining another session for reassessment. You will see how many hours you need to wait on the Stage 3 Training screen.

Signaller Training

Signaller training is slightly different to Qualified Driver and Dispatcher training due to the way this sector works. You will have to apply using a form when our Signaller applications open. We’ll post on Twitter, our Roblox group shout and any other official channels when Signaller applications are available.

Good luck! We’ll see you in training.


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