Stepford County Railway | Update Log

Added as of V1.10.0:

New features

  • James Street (JST) extension complete, with new stations at Farleigh (FAR), Rosedale Village (RDV), and Esterfield (EFD).
  • New depot at Farleigh for Connect, Airlink, and Waterline.
  • New sidings at Esterfield for Waterline.
  • Three new routes on Airlink (SCN – SAZ (via SAO), SCN – SAX, Terminals Shuttle).
  • One new route on Connect (SCV – SAX).
  • Four new routes on Waterline (NRY – EFD, BEN – EFD, NRY – SAX, NRH – FAR).
  • ‘Turnaround mid-route’ functionality implemented for use at SAX & SAZ.
  • Junction/platform priorities implemented at select stations.
  • Class 345 Aventra has been added to Airlink.
  • New Airport Signalling Centre at SAC.
  • New signal zone (G) for JST – EFD.


  • Airport Parkway station has been rebuilt.
  • Airport Central station has been rebuilt.
  • Terminal 1 station has been rebuilt.
  • Terminal 2 station has been rebuilt.
  • Terminal 3 station has been rebuilt.
  • Airport West station has been rebuilt.
  • James Street station has been rebuilt.
  • City Hospital station has been rebuilt.
  • Coxly station and sidings have been upgraded.
  • Airport area scenery has been redone.
  • Zone C signal desk moved to SAC.
  • Signal maps have been updated.

Bug fixes

  • S141 at St Helens Bridge P4 has been fixed. - Rollback settings on certain signals have been updated.
  • Morganstown platform 5A behaving like 5B has been fixed.
  • Zone A border no longer cuts through Newry Harbour.
  • Announcements are no longer delayed.
  • The driver UI freezing whilst onboard announcements are playing has been fixed.
  • Non-functioning menu music due to the Roblox sound update has been removed.
  • Class 387 seat positioning has been fixed.
  • Incorrect screens on dummy trains have been corrected.
  • Various other cosmetic & programming fixes.


  • SCN (Stepford Central)
  • SAW (Airport West)
  • SAP (Airport Parkway)
  • SAC (Airport Central)
  • SAO (Airport Terminal 1)
  • SAX (Airport Terminal 2)
  • SAZ (Airport Terminal 3)

Known issues being fixed soon

  • Operator + network maps still on V1.9.
  • Signalling map tile not loading at SUFC due to Roblox moderation issues.
  • Class 360 Desiro not yet added.
  • Slow spawn times throughout the game.
  • Dispatch GUI is slow to respond when pressing U.
  • Signal cameras having incorrect placement at certain stations and despawning scenery.
  • Spawn locations for Waterline signalling are not correct.

Released 27 August 2022.

Version 1.9

Added as of V1.9.0:


  • Newry Harbour station has been rebuilt.
  • Newry station has been rebuilt.
  • Eden Quay station has been rebuilt.
  • Newry line scenery has been redone.
  • Various platforms have been extended.

Depots and sidings

  • New Sidings at Newry.
  • Faraday Road TMD has been rebuilt.


  • Four new routes on Express (BEN-LYN, NRY-LTC, NRY-LYN, NRH-LYN).

Programming and performance

  • Phase 1 of disruption events has been implemented (temporary speed restrictions and scenery).
  • Feather signals have been implemented.
  • Rollback settings on certain signals has been updated.
  • Bug with signal S141 at St Helens Bridge has been fixed.
  • Leighton City signal bug has been fixed.
  • Spawn button returning user to the main menu has been fixed.

Other changes

  • Morganstown flyover has been upgraded.
  • New whistle sounds when dispatching and guarding.
  • Upgraded speed signs, advance warning boards, and whistle boards have been added across the whole map.
  • Route/network maps have been updated.

Released 15 May 2022.

Version 1.8

Added as of V1.8.0:


  • Financial Quarter: Upgraded station
  • Stepford East: Upgraded station with overhauled concourse area
  • Whitefield Lido: Complete station overhaul
  • Stepford UFC: Complete station overhaul
  • Woodhead Lane: Complete station overhaul
  • Houghton Rake: Upgraded station
  • Whitefield: Complete station overhaul
  • Elsemere Junction: Complete station overhaul
  • Berrily: Lift access added from concourse
  • Cambridge Street Parkway: Complete station overhaul
  • Connolly: Scenery around station upgraded
  • Port Benton: Complete station overhaul
  • Morganstown Docks: Complete station overhaul
  • Whitney Green: Lift access added
  • Rocket Parade: Complete station overhaul
  • Leighton Stepford Road: Complete station overhaul
  • Leighton City: Complete station overhaul
  • Leighton West: New station!
  • Millcastle Racecourse: Complete station overhaul

Depots and sidings

  • Stepford East Depot: Complete overhaul
  • Leighton Depot: Complete overhaul and moved to west side of LSR
  • Woodhead Lane Depot: Complete overhaul
  • Whitefield Lido sidings: Removed
  • Whitefield sidings: New sidings!


  • Class 720: Upgraded to mesh
  • Class 730 (CN and WL): Upgraded to mesh, speed limits updated
  • Class 444: New train!
  • Fixed Class 755/3 spawning issue

Programming and performance

  • Updated movement system
  • New platform occupancy detection
  • New section-based signalling, junction and platform system
  • Train HUD shows next signal immediately upon resolving the next signal - AWS alerts and pings will wait until the AWS ramp as before
  • Streaming system changed to Roblox’s built-in part streaming system
  • Prompt-based seating to avoid accidentally sitting on a train
  • Terminus stopping requirement at some terminals to encourage trains to go close to the buffers
  • Improved depot spawn timeout system to prevent multiple trains spawning on top of each other
  • Emergency brake indicator for signaller interface
  • Separation of manual and auto state on signaller interface for better control of state reversion/rollback
  • Removed many unnecessary assets from preloading and instead preload just before they are needed and/or rely on Roblox’s built-in loading system to decide when and what to load
  • Delay propagation to simulate a more realistic operational railway experience

Other changes

  • Route refresh: Stop patterns changed on many routes and more variety added, including Stepford Connect now operating 1XXX headcode services as well as 2XXX and 9XXX
  • Announcements: New announcers on Waterline, Stepford Express and AirLink, as well as new station announcer. New announcements for short platforms at stations, ‘change here for’ announcements onboard and more
  • Changes to announcement speakers for improved 3D immersion
  • New offices at Stepford East depot for Supervisors+
  • As well as station improvements, re-development of the whole Leighton area with Leighton City now being the major station in Leighton instead of LSR
  • Complete re-do of the Whitefield line and its scenery
  • New signal, OFF indicator and repeater meshes, as well as new AWS ramp and TSS grid meshes on the tracks. Also new ticket gate, ticket machine and smart card reader meshes around the map
  • Some new sound improvements on the Class 165, 166, 168, 170, 171, 332 and 333

Released 5 December 2021.

Version 1.7

Added as of V1.7.0:

  • Class 801 mesh train upgrade released.
  • New Stepford Express branding released.
  • Electrostars upgrade: Class 387, 379 and 377 [converted to 5-car 377/7].
  • Airlink branding update completed for stations and signage.
  • New track to create a triangle at Morganstown and a new overpass between St Helens Bridge and Elsemere Junction.
  • 3 new Stepford Express routes via the line through Morganstown.
  • New “via” announcement at stations.
  • New station: Upper Staploe.
  • 10 complete station overhauls including a new Connect terminating platform at Benton.
  • New connect route Benton to Leighton Stepford Road.
  • 2 additional station building upgrades.
  • The Lounge now open at Stepford Central.
  • 3 brand new depots/sidings and an overhaul of Benton depot.
  • Various landmark scenery upgrades.
  • New custom billboard format at Benton.
  • New manual signalling interface with new desk locations, with mobile and gamepad support.
  • New role icons and minor menu changes.
  • New uniforms for all roles to reflect the updated branding. Qualified Driver uniforms now adapt to the operator.
  • Promo codes / Redeemables.
  • New menu music options from Monstercat.
  • More keybinds for keyboard and wider gamepad/Xbox support.
  • Minor train movement improvements.
  • and many bug fixes and minor changes…

Released 29 October 2020.

Version 1.6

Added as of V1.6.0:

  • Willowfield extension to Connect, including 3 new stations, a new spawn for 7 existing routes to Stepford Victoria, 8 new routes and 1 extra Class 68 exclusive route.
  • Coxly station, scenery and depot overhaul.
  • Large amounts of scenery upgrade and replacement, particularly around Stepford city.
  • Rebranding for Connect and WaterLine stations and buildings.
  • Rewrite of the part streaming system with a focus on automatic throttling and priority zones.
  • Upgraded the Class 720.
  • Class 730/1 (5 car) added to Connect.
  • New track connecting Morganstown to Morganstown Docks on WaterLine to create a new 2-car shuttle service route from Benton to Morganstown.
  • Signals replaced with a remodelled mesh version.
  • All existing Connect and WaterLine fleet have been liveried with the new branding.
  • Baseplates can now be walked on without respawning.
  • Tracks are a bit more sensitive and should be more reliable at despawning.
  • A complete rewrite of the core signalling system to drastically reduce processing while improving reliability. The manual control and control board interfaces are currently unchanged.
  • A new smart procedure for releasing trains which have SPAD to ensure you can’t get trapped in multi-train events.
  • As a result of the new system, Leighton Stepford Road is safer to introduce as a terminus from Llyn. 2 new routes have been created on Connect - Leighton Stepford Road <> Llyn-by-the-Sea and Leighton Stepford Road <> Westwyvern.
  • A few new badge givers around the map.
  • Lighting adjustments and a swap from default fog to the new Atmosphere system.
  • Changes to teleport failure handling to prevent needing to rejoin the game to try again.
  • Minor tweaks and fixes to the Train HUD messages, dispatch timing, OFF indicator positioning and availability, platform lengths, short platform announcements, spawn location orientations.
  • Support for RoPresence, which will report details about your current activity in the game to Discord if you are using the RoPresence tool by @JiveOff.

Released 22 June 2020.

Version 1.5

Added as of V1.5.0:

  • Addition of the Guards role and HUD, along with interaction with drivers and dispatchers.
  • Changes to the driving HUD to accommodate guards.
  • End of passenger loading procedure changed to require driver input to close doors.
  • 5 bonus points for each stop if you have a guard for the entire loading procedure.
  • Dispatch procedure split accordingly to provide close doors approval followed by final dispatch approval once doors are shut. Dispatch baton displays green for final dispatch.
  • Changed the behind-the-scenes workflow for receiving and processing payments to ensure points aren’t lost, even when Datastores or API are being dodgy.
  • Class 165, 166, 380 and 730 upgraded to next-gen, completing the replacement of all old “paper” fleet trains. Interiors and doors will no longer be referred to as next-gen.
  • Edgemead OFF indicators added.
  • Faymere dispatching enabled.
  • Reliability improvements to edge cases where dispatchers are assigned or removed mid-loading to prevent being stranded.
  • Class 165/1 added at no extra cost with 165/0 purchase.

Released 1 May 2020.

Version 1.4

Added as of V1.4.0:

  • New line opened: Express with 4 new routes.
  • Connect extension: Faymere, Westercoast, Millcastle Racecourse, Millcastle, Westwyvern, Starryloch, Northshore, Llyn-by-the-Sea
  • 3 new routes for Connect.
  • New depot at Northshore.
  • Class 801 released on Express.
  • Class 43 released on Express.
  • Updated train movement system to reduce the frequency of carriages disconnecting.
  • Tweaked sounds on Class 802 to make it more bearable. A full redo of the train sound system is coming in 2020 to make the sounds realistic and correct.
  • Bug fix for summary-style customer information screens to correctly show cancellations.
  • Dispatch capability added to: Edgemead, Westercoast, Millcastle, Westwyvern, Northshore and Llyn-by-the-Sea.
  • Updated Operations Director and Relations Director roles for the leaderboard for cg7033 and ATEKGaming.
  • ROC control desk 2F added for the extension, and 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D and 2E updated to add Express.
  • New type of junction created: Alternating points. They switch from straight to diverging with each train to help ease the load and spread out the arrivals at Llyn-by-the-Sea. We’ll see where else we can use this to add some extra variety to the terminals.
  • Updated operator badges to show NG trains and to be more consistent with the designs.
  • First class location announcements.

Stuff that couldn’t fit that will come in patches:

  • roPresence support.
  • An upgraded Leighton City.
  • An easier way for managers to reward group members with points for taking part in community events.
  • Full sound system redo for trains.
  • More depots / spawn points for trains.
  • An improvement to the part streaming system.
  • Class 321 and Class 319 NG upgrade.

Released 17 December 2019.

Version 1.3

Added as of Version 1.3:

  • Improvements to train physics in preparation for Next-Gen Trains.
  • Next-Gen Trains with the following special features:
    • Animated doors.
    • Modelled interior.
    • Door interlock lights.
    • Collidable walls.
  • Improvements to map scenery to prevent collisions with Next-Gen Trains.
  • Speed warning signs to provide advance notice of speed restrictions.

Released 14 May 2019.

Version 1.2

Added as of Version 1.2:

  • Connect extension: Whitefield, Houghton Rake, Woodhead Lane, Stepford United Football Club, Whitefield Lido and High Street (includes 4 new routes).
  • Improved first person camera mode.
  • and many bug fixes and minor changes…

Released 28 April 2019.

Version 1.1

Added as of Version 1.1:

  • New line opened: Airlink with 3 new routes.
  • Connect extension 1: Stepford Victoria, City Hospital, Financial Quarter (includes 3 new routes).
  • Waterline extension: Airport West, James Street.
  • Class 350 refurbishment.
  • Class 165 & 166 refurbishment.
  • Class 185 refurbishment on Connect.
  • Class 185 for Airlink (unit and multiple variants).
  • Class 68 for Connect + unique route SVC->EGM.
  • Class 802 for Airlink.
  • New depot at Stepford East.
  • Siding spawn + new depot at Airport Parkway (Airlink).
  • Speed limit indicator on train HUD.
  • “Waiting train” blue dot indicator on control boards for signallers.
  • ROC relocated to Stepford East.
  • Connect extension 2: to Edgemead (past LCY).
  • Angel Pass removed from SHB → EGM route in both directions.
  • Passing track created at Angel Pass.
  • Siding spawn at Edgemead (Connect).
  • Connect extension 3: via New Harrow, Elsemere Pond, Elsemere Junction, Berrily, East Berrily, Beaulieu Park, to Morganstown (includes 2 new routes).
  • Lighting update using Future is Bright (Voxel) lighting.
  • Scenery upgrades at: Newry Harbour, Airport Parkway, Stepford East, Faraday Road.
  • New headcode format.
  • Part streamer prioritisation logic change - now loads all priority parts (rails, junctions, baseplates) of all requested chunks before loading the remaining scenery of each requested chunk.
  • Class 701 (WL) removed and refunded.
  • Class 387 revised headlights and sounds.
  • and many more minor changes…

Released 31 December 2018.

Version 1.0

Added as of Version 1.0:

  • New Routes and Schedules system.
  • Points (currency) earned by driving schedules or purchased with robux.
  • Experience (linked with PlayerPoints for Leaderboards) earned by completing schedules.
  • Gamepasses deprecated.
  • New menu GUI including loading screen, intro sequence, and completely new menus.
  • New Train GUI.
  • Preferences including display, sounds and gameplay.
  • New dispatch tools and animations.
  • Redone station/platform announcements.
  • Redone onboard announcements.
  • New control room at Benton with completely new controller system.
  • Winstree replaced with Leighton Stepford Road.
  • New stations: Leighton City, Rocket Parade, Connolly, Ashlan Park.
  • Connect line station upgrades.
  • Scenery upgrade at Whitney Green.
  • Station “clutter”.
  • New trains: Classes 319, 701, 171.
  • Updated smart signal algorithm to detect despawning and to properly enforce SPAD waits.
  • Additional signal blocks between Benton Bridge and Rocket Parade (after Water Newton).
  • All previously timed signals (Benton Bridge to Airport and Winstree) now replaced with smart signals.
  • Adjusted driver seat position with first person camera mode.
  • New third person camera modes.
  • Driver character removed (temporarily) to prepare for a new character system in a subsequent update
  • New CIS boards.
  • Completely redone train physics including wheels, engines, body density and carriage coupling to use PGS Physics Solver.
  • Randomised and unique train numbers.
  • Train headlights and tailights that automatically switch on/off when your train changes direction.
  • VIP server price update.
  • VIP server Dispatchers and Signallers rank open to all.
  • Mobile support.
  • and many more minor fixes and tweaks…

Released 21 April 2018.

Stepford County Railway is brought to you by the SCR Community in association with BanTech Systems.


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