Steps of making a fps game

I want to make an fps game, but don’t know where and how I would start it. Should I start with the guns or the custom characters? Or should I start with the maps or the game mechanics? Anybody have any idea on where to start for making this game?


I’d suggest starting on the weapon mechanics and game mechanics. Having a great map does nothing if you don’t have a reason to play.


It depends on what you want to be emphasized in the game. If your going for a more logical and movement based game then I would suggest making the maps first and then making weapons that work well with maps or if you want to focus on quality realistic guns, do vice versa. More experienced devs will tend to plan everything ahead of time and then start developing. Even if they start making a gun system first they will already have a design for the map, characters and other stuff. For an entry level game the order you do it in wont really matter if the quality on all the stuff isn’t top notch.

What I did was I started with the weapons, then moved on to character logic, then to game logic, then maps and decoration (these steps can vary based on what your game specializes/emphasizes).

The reason why you would take this route is so you can get all the logic done before all the graphics/maps/decor. Also do smaller steps, don’t take one big step and take 2 steps backward (only worry about one thing, then the other, instead of worrying about everything at the same time).