Steps to making a city that’s detailed

Hi,I have been working on a game I have scripts,Guns,cars and stuff ready but I can’t seem to make the right map I have worked on three maps but I just don’t like the way I make them and I feel like the are bland and boring
Uploading: CC79C470-C137-44F6-87DA-384C9FB99E41.png… Uploading: 7AEF7D6D-D73C-4BEE-AD31-A5BCBB8EAF6E.png… Uploading: E009616D-5AAE-4E8E-9819-B0B2EF2830C5.png… Uploading: 081D0E83-FDF8-415C-A168-6AEA7007FAE3.png…

When I want somthing like this this is Vehicle Simulator
Can someone please tell me the steps to making a good map


Lighting is pretty important and can really add detail to a map. I hope this helped!


also if you were to look at the roads in what you want, there made out of concrete and also have lines in them

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Also I think a lot of the post you’ve created that people gave feedback and recommendations are being ignored there. You have created a few threads but it looks like there just being dragged away.

From my understanding usually these builds start out basic you need to plan your layout and see what you want inside your city I can see the city you’ve created looks detailed and good at the start looking at existing games or images could give you a proper more understanding on what I want inside my city? How can I make it more detailed?

Draw or place your layout, know what you’re wanting inside your city and what you want it to look like, variety of sizes expand the map larger - taller buildings and to get the shape right. It may take time and patience to get a detailed city I feel like lighting isn’t going to make your city detailed it’ll probably add realism to it.

Start out simple, then as you go on, add in more and more small important details - objects. Creates a much better experience always use images or look at existing games like the ones you showed above. Personally, I think you really need to, as these will definitely act as a guide when creating a city.


Definitely changing the lighting and the skybox will make a massive improvement. Try using shadowmap if you haven’t already, and start changing some settings.


I do like the city a little bit but I would suggest you to add a lot more into the building. Make use of wedges/plugins eg. GapFill, Reflect, ResizeAllign,etc.
Also lighting effect the gameplay, I would suggest you to use beams for the street lights. Wait where are they? Also for the terrain I would suggest you to add rocks, bushes, grass and for trees you should see Zomebody’s tutorial on how to make efficient trees.

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Thank you imma take your suggestion and @jordonh23 suggestion and combine them tysm

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Notice how your map is mostly made of 1 material which is smooth plastic, and the others are varied. Try mess with your materials because it really makes a difference to the game and makes it much less bland.

Other games also have more details such as road markings, side walks contain lamps and trash cans and so on.

Your builds do look good, dont get me wrong, but if you think it’s bland consider remaking one with more shape than just a regular old blocky sky scraper! Make it end with a pointy bit, or corner, change things up a bit.

And finally, what everyone else is piling on, lighting and sky boxes. You could probably get away with using a sky box from the toolbox by someone else, if you dont want to spend time making your own, and for lighting, you’ll have to mess with the ambient colours, shadows and sun rays until you get the feel you want. Having a day/night script can also help.

Sidenote: 3rd picture down you can see a floating billboard :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope this could help you improve the game. If you need any help with anything dont hesitate to reply.

Might want to consider utilising textures and materials as the distinguishing piece of detail behind your buildings and ‘Vehicle Simulators’ is your use of low poly instead of using concrete or other materials.

Might wanna add some streetlights, bushes on the sidewalk. Stop signs maybe. Traffic cameras just for decoration.

What is one thing that you see in the Vehicle simulator image? It’s research, and attention provided to different things. The developer understand how a city map looks like, how the road network functions, and what he needs to build. Skyscrapers, bridges like that one have unique surroundings. The bridge has a unique road layout. Those small details are what make these games visually appealing. Don’t forget to draw your map out first, research different areas of the world, or your country, and build it.


now that’s what I call proper feedback, thank you so much for the idea, I hope you don’t mind me taking it.