STIC MODULE - Make your game faster and more organized!

Stic Module [BETA]

Make your game faster and more organized!

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Hello developers!
Let me intoduce you the Stic Module!
Stic is a module and if you use it, you can get rid from a lot of loops and object based values.
And Stic has a lot of ways to communicate between scripts without using any loops at all.

Example code of using a signal in Stic:


local Stic = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Stic)
Stic.EmitSignal('someSignal', {10, 'hello listener'})


local Stic = require(game.ReplicatedStorage.Stic)
wait() -- we wait so the signal is created first
function signalReceived(values)
    print(values) -- prints: {10, 'hello listener'}
Stic.ListenToSignal('someSignal', signalReceived)

But Scit can do more than this!

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