Stickza | Builder | Commissions Open

About me:

Hello! I am stickza, I have been developing on ROBLOX since 2015 and I have slowly and slowly increased with detail and performance! I am a great person to work with and would love to build Architecture for your game.


Here are some screenshots of my work:
RobloxScreenShot20200223_212847235|69RobloxScreenShot20200315_220150049 0x347



I am available for all hours throughout the week, On school nights however I am not available until 4:00. On Weekends I am available all weekend unless I am busy doing a Family Event or sleeping.


Prices are very negotiable with me, However I will not be paid 1k for a city as a whole. Prices are usually set at a 3-5k standard, However I am always accepting counters.


You can contact me here on Discord!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: