Still able to replay to topics in #collaboration

#collaboration was locked on October 1st. But if you go to a topic in #collaboration:portfolios you are still able to replay to the topic.

I think this bug started happening on October 1st

Go to any topic in #collaboration:portfolios and you will see the replay button

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This is supposed to be like this. They meant the collaboration category is locked as in you can’t post topics there.

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No I think they ment you cant post AT ALL

Everyone can reply in any post that is in the collaboration catory so I really think that they meant post topics. I’m not sure though.

That’s the bug that everybody can post in #collaboration

You can’t post new topics, and I am kind of glad we can still post replys. It will end up being fully locked and deleted before the end of the year though.

(Considering a lot of people are still getting the “not qualified message” they could be more focused on making sure everyone can get in before fully closing it)

This means create a new topic they would have said post or reply if they meant it to be that way

Confirmed with peraldon that this was not intended and fixed it. Thanks!