Still able to view a specific player's Meshes, Decals, Models and Plugins even though inventory is hidden


Through using this URL, it’s easily possible to view any group or player’s inventory of meshes, models, decals and plugins even when they are not for sale, and the player has their inventory hidden.

You can also achieve this by just entering their name into the box on the bottom left, and selecting show unavailable items.
This makes hiding your inventory practically useless, as I really don’t care if people are able to see what catalog items I own, I just don’t want people stealing my assets.


This will be fixed in January.


Can this change be applied to the catalog as well (shirts/pants/t-shirts), or will this remain strictly for the library?


We will have to be careful about applying this change to the catalog because we do not want to hide offsale Roblox-created items from users.

What is your use case for applying this update to clothing? Are you uploading clothes with the intention of using them in your games only?


Nah, I’m just curious as to whether or not this update will be applied to clothing as well.


No plans to apply this to clothing.


This is now fixed. You cannot discover private assets through the Library anymore.


Thanks for the fix! :smiley: