Still but rotating particle help

I am trying to make a particle that is just one of the texture above smoothly spinning or staying place on a tool. I tried replacing it with a part that has a decal but that didn’t work as I don’t get the particle emitter’s properties. Does anyone know a way to have just 1 particle that stays until destroyed?

I appreciate the help

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If you just need an image “particle” over something, try using a BillboardGui with an ImageLabel instead.

Documentation: BillboardGui | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub


Decal on an invisible part, then update it’s rotation on the client so it spins.

You can also use a BillBoardGui and update the ImageLabel on the client so it spins. Depends on how many you will need and how performant it must be.

I’m sure there are other implementations but these seem the most reasonable.

if you want to use a ParticleEmitter then create one with TimeScale = 0, LockedToPart = true, Enabled = false, and use ParticleEmitter:Emit() once on it


That’s what I was looking for. Thank your for the help

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I am not currently home so I cannot test this, but if I emit 1 particle will it stay forever because of the TimeScale? If so, does it delete if the particle emitter is deleted? What is the best way to get rid of the particle afterwards

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