[Still Hiring] A Scripter For A Realistic Mining Simulator

About The Job + Payment

Alright ima get the payment out of the way first This Mining Simulator is to be the most Realistic On Roblox and we have great progress in only a few days of development. The scripting job will have to take care of Machinery movements, In game transactions, Pickup and drop systems and rope/chain physics (More in dm if you want to know more). I have a small amount of robux, 323 to be exact, and am willing to give that as a downpayment as well as offer a percentage, If this game is done right then I have contact details with investors that will be willing to invest.

The Team

@Badle_Yt - Filling in where He Can
@StodiusDev - UI Designer
@MissingFeature - Builder
@VlachSlv - Environment Designer
@YOU! - scripter

Current Progress

First Steps On the Environment

Excavator Chassis

Skid steer Modelling

What We Need

We as a team of 4 need our 5th member, That could be you!
We need heavy machinery movement as well as smaller vehicle movement, Not only this we need a way to pick up models similar to the way Lumber tycoon 2 has an ‘e to pick up’ system but instead of placing the model into the backpack of a player it must hold the object infront of them with an option to drop with ‘e’. A part of this game is having your own plot of land and being able to dig it out. We propose doing this through small explosions when the bucket of a machine or the blade of a shovel comes into contact with the terrain in a certain area (a player’s plot of land). There may be more things that arise however this covers what is needed and more info on these can be given in a dm

Contacting Me

My Discord Is Badle#8685.
I live in England so I will only be accessible between 10am-10pm UTC+1 for applications however there is occasional lee way in the timings and i may be able to communicate through discord at slightly different times than on the devforum
We would like no younger than 13 to apply but If you have the passion and your work is good you are more than welcome!

Hope this was quality im still kinda new to this :slight_smile:


You don’t mention anything about payment.

Oops sorry Ill fix that now

EDIT: All done :slight_smile:

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DO you want a UI Creator?

Sorry, As much as I would take you on, I already have a UI Designer and I myself can do them occasionally

He has one already

Okey :upside_down_face:

Do you have another scripter already?, I might be able to work as a scripter.

I advise you to put all the information on the team to be encouraged

No We dont, I was just looking at someone’s portfolio on here, do you have any examples?

Wdym? a list of who is working?

Not really, I would have worked as an assistant maybe, I know the basics of scripting but i need someone to kinda help me

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