**Still hiring scripters** AOT

I’m making an AOT game however, there is on problem, we don’t have any scripters so as right now it’s just an unfinished trost district. So we need your skill to help us.

Here is a picture of progress so far:

I have many exciting ideas for this game plus I’m hoping for a nice community where people can just vibe and talk about stuff AOT and non AOT related.

What will you be doing?
You will be making scripts for TITANS, ODM GEAR AND TITAN SHIFTING very exciting.

What’s the payment: Right now the amount of payment is not set in stone but, once the game is finished and providing all goes well, YOU WILL BE PAID FOR ALL THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE . The preferred payment is ROBUX And, if you are lucky enough, you might be chosen to wield the power of one of the 9 titans.

So if you want to help me and join the community, ping me a message and we’ll talk about it. So thank you and adios.

P.S: Our community is very small and most people have the same timezone, so please be patient when joining :slight_smile:

Discord: AOT 104th titan legion

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