[STILL HIRING] UI Designer for Byte Productions


Hello, I am looking to hire an UI Designer. We have a growing game and a growing group and we’re looking to improve the players experiences by revamping our UIS, which are kinda messy right now.

Group : Byte Productions - Roblox
Game : Hatching Simulator X - Roblox


You’ll need to be available atleast 2 hours per day and be efficient while making your UIS. About assets to create, you’ll be working on small yet many UIS (they are not that hard).


We’re currently low on budget but, hopefully, we’re gonna gain revenue since we’re releasing a huge update soon. You’ll be payed correctly depending on the quality + efforts.

Contact us

You can either contact me via Discord at Damn#7478 or via the forum. Another alternative which is rather complicated is to join our Discord server (click on the game link and go to medias) and dm me.

Thank you for reading!

Best regards,

Byte Productions

I’m open for discussion. Please contact me via the fourm because i forgot my discord account password.

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