Stock building tools cause flaws in size, rotation, and position that get worse as you get further away from the origin

The error in question is observable mainly while using the Transform tool within studio, but all other tools have this error (It’s more prominent in the Transform tool. I’m unsure as to why).

As you get further away from the origin, parts will begin to show inconsistent values for their position, rotation, and size. For instance, a part’s position may have a value of 7.999 instead of 8 on an axis, likewise with orientation and more rarely size. This is observable on all part types.

To reproduce, build a simple structure like a house out of a block floor, four walls, and two wedges for the roof. Use a 1 stud grid for this design. Drag the parts along each eachother to build, similarly to how you would if you were using the very old building toolset where you played the game to build. Near the origin it should be difficult to cause errors. Repeat this process >= 2048 studs away from the origin (if not further out), and the errors will increase in frequency proportionally to your distance from the origin.

I linked to this thread from the CSG failures thread for this reason, but I believe this relates directly to why unions fail more often when constructed away from the origin.


This is a very late bump, but I have updated the thread with more accurate information. This issue is still present and has caused problems while building in my places.

The last paragraph also contains some speculation (that I have been able to observe for the most part, I have yet to get a 100% consistent repro, though I don’t think that’s possible) as to why unions fail further out from the origin.


I know this is an old post, but I have this same issue a LOT when trying to build almost anything.

I noticed that it happens even more often when you repeatedly duplicate, rotate, and move a part.

This bug keeps messing up my builds by creating random small gaps, overlaps, and lines. I’ll add a picture later.

FYI: I also use the Transform tool… it’s easier than the others for me.

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This has been happening to me too lately. I wasn’t too far from the origin, but It probably around 2048 studs.

I don’t use the transform tool, I use scale/rotate/move individually, but still noticed that the position changes very slightly sometimes, which can be super annoying.

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