Stock Market - Gambling Question

Hello. I am in the process of creating a business game that has a stock market implemented in it. I am wandering if you are allowed to add cash that can be bought with Robux but also allow the cash to be converted into a currency such as a token to be used only for the stock market. Is this still considered gambling even when the tokens can not be directly purchased with Robux?

Thank you.

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Yes. Gambling involving Robux in any way is against the rules.


Even when it isn’t direct? By using conversions?

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Correct. There’s essentially no difference between gambling Robux vs. gambling tokens bought with Robux.

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I believe if you can earn the currency without spending Robux, its ok. Multiple games have loot boxes that need premium currency, and you can buy that currency, or earn it.

I’ve even seen a game that straight up gambles loot boxes with Robux itself, which is some how a big game that isn’t taken down.