Stomp abiltity! v0.1

This is a stomp ability i’ve been working on, tell me what I need to improve, this is Version v0.1 :slight_smile:


Woaaaah, looks amazing!

I love the trembling of the camera that gives you that feeling of earth moving below you! Also, if I understood what I saw well, you can direct the attack? That’s amazing!

If you’d want something to improve, I only have two things to say: (1) Considering using more detailed models for the earth that’s being lifted, and (2) Not making the two columns so perfectly parallel to each other–what I mean by this is to have more of a “random” feel for how the earth is coming out.

Those are just suggestions; what you did seems really cool. Congrats.


Wow this ability is amazing ! How much time you spent on it ?

And also can I get it ? And if yes, how ?

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I could add a math.random for the columns! and I’ll be sure to use more detailed models aswell as setting the material and color to what there coming out of!

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Hey there! Not in the business of sharing my work right now (Mostly due to my code being so bad), I spent around 2 hours + 3 hours trying to figure out how to direct the attack using camera direction

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I don’t even know how to code (I almost know how to code but I can’t create something), all codes I use are from Youtube…