Stop adding to browser history when switching between categories/tabs (inventory, group config, etc.)

Currently on the inventory page, group config page, game config page, and other pages that use this same category/tab component, when you switch between tabs, it adds to the history stack in your browser and changes the URL. This means when you click on the back button in your browser, instead of going to the previous page, it sends you to the previous tab you were looking at.

I don’t want it to do this.

When I visit these pages my expectation is that my experience remains contained within the root page (the inventory for example). I don’t expect another tab to be considered a completely new page and thus don’t expect it to get added to my history. Controls to switch to another tab are also almost always visible so having this pushed into history is redundant.

From a usability standpoint also, most of the time I land on pages like this (e.g. favorites, inventory, group config), I just want to change or view a few things and then return to the page I came from (e.g. user profile or group). Because these tabs get pushed to history, I have to press the back button in my browser sometimes over a dozen times to get back to the source page, or click and hold on it to view all recent history, but this doesn’t always work if I’ve been clicking between tabs too much. In fact, the game config page even gets stuck and breaks history somehow, and you can no longer return to the source page via simply pressing the back button.

This behavior is also inconsistent with asset config pages and place config pages, which do not push browser history when you switch between tabs.

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