Stop beams from clipping

so, i’ve been experimenting with light beams on my game, and i’ve come up with something looking pretty good. but i dont know how to fix the clipping in the window, and it looks pretty terrible. im new to this stuff, so please provide some info on this issue

I don’t have an exact answer but one solution would be making the beams start with a TransparencySequence of 1 and then to what ever transparency you want it at. I hope this makes sense and help!

I think this article over here: [V2] Sunray Intensity Compensation System would probably fix it

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Unfortunately we don’t have much control over the rendering of sunrays on Roblox. That’s all core stuff we don’t have access to. The most we can do is change intensity and spread to get our desired look and counter any visual issues like yours.

My system, that was linked in the reply above, really only changes the intensity relative to your camera angle in the world. I don’t know if that will fix the clipping issue you’re having, or with sunrays shooting into the floor with an “AlwaysOnTop” feel to it. But it could help visual immersion to the point the clipping isn’t noticeable to the average player.

One very common way to combat some of the visual issues of SunRaysEffect’s is to use physical Part’s. There’s an awesome plugin that can give a solid “volumetric” lighting effect. And you can have a script loop through the physical rays model/folder to adjust the transparency and whatnot relative to how close the player is to the rays or window.

Hope this helps! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for in-depth explanation!

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