Stop blocking content uploads because of filtered names


The name of this decal is completely irrelevant. There’s absolutely no reason I should be forced to figure out something that doesn’t get filtered. This is a very recent change, and it comes after everyone complained about studio doing the exact same thing to meshes.

As a developer I shouldn’t be forced to unnecessarily interact with communitysift.

For the last hour my experience as a roblox developer has been clicking a button and being forced to input text to proceed, over and over and over and over. This is easily the worst part about developing right now. I can’t even disable it with a flag.


I agree. It is quite annoying having to go through the whole process of uploading assets, especially in studio, several times just because the name gets filtered. Even more so, when the name should not even be filtered.


huge support i’m making a game that will require a ton of decal uploading and i dont want this slowing down my work

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I’d rather have the asset I uploaded have ##### as its name than not being able to upload it at all.


I second this. There’s no good reason for the file to be denied because of the name - especially when nobody will even see the file name.


This really needs fixing.


I agree with this.

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