Stop camera facing first person

How i can disable the camera facing when the player is in the first person(because i made animation and playing it but players can use it and make animation totaly bugged) ? Thanks,

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What do you mean by this? What are you trying to achieve?

Can you show code? I dont understand this so much

I don’t know if you see, test it. There is first person and third in the third u need to moove to make character facing somewhere but in first when you moove the camera it moove the character(rotate to where he’s facing) that what i don’t want. Understand with this explication ?

No code for it simply explaining what i want to do at the top message.

I think its not possible while being in first person

I am guessing you are talking about preventing Camera movement in first person which can be done like this (local script in StarterPlayerScripts).

local RunService = game:GetService("RunService")
local UserInputService = game:GetService("UserInputService")
local function unlockMouse()
    UserInputService.MoseBehavior = Enum.MouseBehavior.Default

I will give you a script now wait

I would say you either mean to disable camera movement, or free the mouse in first person mode

We need code and video evidence.

Barely anybody knows what you’re trying to truely achieve.

I just noticed something in your script:

UserInputService.MoseBehavior = Enum.MouseBehavior.Default

Shouldn’t it be UserInputService.MouseBehavior?

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I think that what they mean is that they want to move the camera around in first person without the player’s character facing the camera look direction.

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