Stop Clogging the Optional Tag System With Duplicate Tags

Letting Forum Users make their own tags is an amazing idea, however I feel it needs a bit of moderation. The tags section has been starting to fill up with duplicate tags and misspells which has made it harder to tag posts.

For example if you were to make a post asking for help on a script, you might tag it “need-help” I looked up this in the form of “Need” and found many duplicates such as “I-need-scripting-res” (yes not even finishing the word and even “I-need-hel”. I understand if there is a character limit, however these are duplicate tags. “I-need-scripting-res” isn’t a direct copy but it is very close to the better (and more original) “need-help” tag.

What are your thoughts on the current tag system and how it should be dealt with? Do you like the more options or find them very annoying like I do?

In my opinion, the tags aren’t the biggest problem right now, however if we don’t do something soon this could be much worse as more members join and get the proper rank to do this.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your day!

I don’t agree with this post at all. Can you provide some cases to me of people using tags like these? I personally haven’t seen it. Second, if anything, people aren’t using tags enough, especially under #collaboration:portfolios, where it is very annoying to try and find people who do the correct task when they don’t add in the correct tags. Besides, if you are complaining about tags, you might want to look at your own tags… :thinking::


If I were following your point, you wouldn’t need the devforum tag. (It’s implied your talking about the devforum on the devforum, especially because this is #forum-feedback )

Sorry for being a bit harsh here, I just don’t see the point of this topic. :man_shrugging:


The users who add unnecessary tags likely do not frequent #forum-feedback so they probably won’t even read this. Plus, does a good portion of the forum even browse the forum by tags regularly let alone know that browsing by tags is even possible that this is big enough of an issue?


I do somewhat agree with you and @FxllenCode however this can be an issue for people who do use them like me. I use them to grow my posts and let more people see them. Does it work? I don’t really know. But sometimes it’s good to use them.

Also I used the DevForum tag to show I was talking about DevForum if someone was browsing via Tags. Can’t really say it’s bad to use tags like DevForum or feedback as they are original and actually have some purpose.

I believe the amount of people that even do this is small, and you aren’t meant to rely on tags anyway because how they can be abused. And I believe @FxllenCode has a point: your topic is in #forum-feedback, so the #feedback and #devforum tags are unnecessary since the category you are posting in addresses both.

Searching by title/content/category is objectively the most popular choice

However, and to your point,

Stop Clogging the Optional Tag System With Duplicate Tags | Forum Feedback

To put a #feedback tag under #platform-feedback is irrelevant. It’s the same with adding a #devforum tag anywhere on the devforum; it’s not needed. It’s the same with #help-and-feedback, there is no need to include #need-help under #help-and-feedback as that’s the entire point of the category.

None of these tags are needed. Tags are meant to organize posts. Tags are being used in all the wrong places.

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A tag like this thread’s (#tags) can be helpful when browsing for more niche topics. Looking up a keyword can get bad results. Let’s take a random example:

When I looked up the keyword “physics”, I got topics like “How To Make Rain Periodically” and “Update a folder across many places”. On the other hand, if I use the #physics tag, I get much more appropriate results, two examples being “Not sure how to handle gliding with bodyforce” and “Jiggly Constraint Chassis”


yeah tags still have some use. I should have probably said “the most popular” because tbh i don’t know anyone that regularly uses tags that this is a big problem. I will update the post it has been done


FWIW I edit most tags that can already be implied by the category or are simply non-belonging. That also includes the tags used on this thread and the repeated category name in the title. Doesn’t really help when people countermand my edits and add them back though. :confused:

I do believe at one point it was brought up internally to restrict tag creation (not from titles, the actual tag system) to TL4 with only basic tags being created and the rest of them being wiped clean, but that’s an ancient conversation that AFAIK hasn’t been touched on lately.