Stop closing studio for updates

My original thread, locked and ~3 years old: Studio still closes for updates. It's still frustrating

As a developer it really sucks having all of my studio windows close for updates. It happens every week, sometimes multiple times a week, and it’s been going on for years now.

There has never been a moment when I’ve clicked on the studio launcher with the intent to open a new studio window and been satisfied with all of my studio windows closing for an update. I don’t care if I’m connected to a team create and won’t lose anything, and I don’t care if the place file hasn’t been modified since the last save. I don’t want my windows closing without my consent. Ever.

The super small “Update Available” piece of text that displays in the top right of the screen is not visible enough to be a reasonable solution to this issue.

Using 0.07% of my screen to “notify” me of something this important is completely unacceptable. Even on smaller screens you’re not even getting close to 1%. It might as well be invisible.

Please just tell me that I can’t open a new window until I close all my current studio windows. Let me shutdown my workflow at my own pace. Stop closing studio for me.

If Roblox were to finally address this issue, developers might at long last feel confident that their workflow won’t be rudely interrupted at a completely unpredictable time whenever an update goes out.

This is arguably one of studios top 10 worst quirks.


may I ask, in what way does this affect your workflow? Do you transfer assets from place to place or something?


Yes. My team works across multiple team creates for organization purposes. My project is too big to comfortably work out of a single place.

Opening new studio instances to grab various pieces of content, code, or anything else is a common occurrence for me.


I see, in that instance, it is perfectly justified. Although I agree with you, I do believe that it is required in some instances such as crucial updates to some aspects of the engine.

(i most especially agree that there should be a better warning though)


If an update is that important, it should be loudly broadcasted so people are aware. It shouldn’t be tucked away behind bad and uncommunicative auto-updating behavior.

It is unacceptable for studio to automatically close for updates. There are better solutions that wouldn’t leave people frustrated and confused.

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I beg for atleast a prompt being like, hey we got an update, want to do it now or later
Clicking for it to do now will close the main window only, if other windows are open it will wait for you to close those manually (with a prompt mentioning it wont update till everything is closed)
If no is clicked, then it just hides away till next time


Hi all,

This has actually been the flow for Studio since mid-last year - Studio won’t close on another instance launching just because there’s an update…

Following up with Hutch, we determined that the shortcut they were launching Studio with was incorrect. If you look at the desktop shortcut installed by Studio, it should point to “RobloxStudioLauncherBeta.exe” and take an argument of “-ide”. If you have a taskbar shortcut that you usually launch from, please delete it and copy the one installed by studio to your desktop, or edit it to include this parameter.



The fact that you need to open from the launcher rather than the application itself is inconvenient since I have Roblox Studio added to my taskbar however if I pin the launcher rather thsn Studio itself, the taskbar will have 2 studio logos when I have Studio open - from my assumptions.

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