Stop default animations from overlapping with my animation

I’m trying to animate an idle and a walk script for a sword I’m making but the default animations are overlapping with my idle and walk animation.

When the player is idle I just want my animation to play not the default animation that makes the player bob up and down and look side to side. All of the solutions that I have found completely delete the default animations but that isn’t what I want to do. If the player unequips the sword I want it to go back to the default animations. I have also set the animation priority to “Action” which in theory should override the default animations but doesn’t.


The same issue we have with our pushup animation. I think we need to set the players animation ids to " " for now then after put them back in

You need to disable the default animate script then re-enable it when you want it to take effect again.

Doing that gives a really annoying error “Invalid animation id '<error: unknown AssetId protocol>.”

Actually, that produces a weird bug where the animations wont start playing again unless the player is idle.

Then set their animation state to idle

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Try setting the HumanoidStateType to Idle or running or something when you own animation stops playing

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Same issue, I set the HumanoidStateType to running. There has to be a better solution to this, this solution seems pretty hacky.

The better solution is to make your own default animation script. Thats what I was trying to help you avoid. It shouldnt be to hard though to use the default roblox aniamtion script and edit it. If you edit it and want to use it though you have to destroy the default aniamtion script or I think it might automatically not put the script in if it already detects an Animate script in the character.

A useful tutorial for animating tools

This a tutorial I watched . To animate the sword you must make a animation using a motor6d from the RightHand to the Handle.

Then make a script that makes a motor6d inside your character and plays the following animation when is equipped and to stop it when is unequipped.

NOTE : The animation must be an idle.

Script that the animation plays when character stays and if it moves make a run animation.

This might be an idea.

Just disable the normal animation. Only the idle one do not disable all of them.

I figured out why the default animations were overlapping with my custom animation even though the priority was set to “Action.” When you set an animations priority the priority will only count for parts you have animated. Because I only animated the Handle of the sword only the Handle part has the priority Action which means that the other animations (Roblox’s default animations) has priority over everything else.