Stop force-selecting tools after deselecting them

As a programmer working in Roblox Studio, I almost never use the selection / pointer tools. I press the shortcut key to toggle them off as soon as studio loads. After starting and ending a test session (F5) studio force selects the tool again, sometimes causing me to accidentally move models and parts around when all I want to do is fly around with the camera.

If this behavior could be improved and studio would not force select the selection tool when I have had it disabled before starting the play session these accidents could be completely avoided.



Could you show a video of this behavior? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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I support. It is annoying when it’s hard to turn them off, too. I have to click “Move” to go to “Select” and then click on “Select” to disable the tool.

It would improve my development experience if this state was saved.

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