Stop friend request notifications from blocking the jump button

It’s super annoying when a friend request (or follower notification) pops up over the jump area on mobile. It makes jumping impossible for many seconds at a time, and gets worse the more notifications stack on each other.

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Toast notifications sound like a good idea for mobile platforms. There’s generally no immediate use UI elements in the top center of the screen that can’t sacrifice being obstructed for (however long notifications last)

Detecting significant motion in the device seems like a bad idea though. Shaking the device would make it difficult for me to discern what’s going on on the screen.


I like these solutions, but isn’t the player list is shown for tablet users? Maybe make it to where friend requests on mobile appear next (to the left of) the player list for tablet users, and right where the player list would appear (top right corner) if it is not visible.

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I’m still having this issue on mobile and sometimes accidentally hit Accept. It’s really bad for “obby-type” games


To this day, it’s still annoying. When I went to my friend’s house, I played Arsenal on my phone. However, because of all of the action happening into the game and me spamming the shoot button, I often accidentally friend someone. I keep on forgetting the usernames I accidentally unfriended, and Roblox now sorts your friends list in alphabetical order instead of order of when you added them, which makes it more harder to find which people you’ve accidentally unfriended.

This is a huge issue since often times I create Roblox games that are friends only to test something, but someone I forgot that I’ve accidentally friend may leak the whole project.