Stop mentioning international groups when making announcements for international categories

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to stay focused and properly use notifications due to the mentioning of an international group when a new announcement is made.

I’ve received 14 notifications in the last 24 hours due to the mentioning of the group. It’s really annoying since I wish to receive relevant notifications. Worst part is there is no way to disable notifications for group mentions afaik.


At one point, I event got 6 notifications at the same time.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I’d able to distinguish irrelevant announcements (for me) from important notifications like a PM or a reply to one of my posts.


So why can’t you disable it or something?


We’re currently shuffling some already existent topics around the Portuguese category and this may send some notifications from old announcements. We’re expecting to complete the changes very soon!

Sorry for the inconvenience.


There might be a way to disable mentions for groups, but if there is, I have no idea how to do it. I believe the mentions for the announcements should be opt-in, not opt-out, but that’s down to preference. However, if there is no way to disable notifications for a specific group, then I don’t think the mentions should be made for every announcement.

So why not leave the group or try to mute the person who is sending these messages? :confused:

The nuclear option that makes no sense; As a Portuguese developer, I want to have access to the Portuguese category.

Mute everyone who can make announcements? That’s not a good idea. I’d never receive notifications on their feedback messages etc…


Not to mention it’s physically impossible to mute moderators for this exact reason, which all the international DET are part of, if you check the /g/moderators group.


Yea, after reviewing the group I saw nothing that’s bothering you.

All I am guessing they are welcoming the people and introducing their self…

I personally liked the old international category much much more. You could find tons of resources in other languages without needing to join a stupid ping group but then for reasons unknown DET decided to scrap the entire category in favor of a group ping like that.

The thing is many users didn’t speak any of the supported languages to be able to contribute to those categories, and it was better to make them opt-in. Heck, you couldn’t even opt out. You had to mute the categories. I only speak Spanish, so I don’t really want to see French, German, or Portuguese and I definitely don’t want to have to stalk International every time devrel supports a new language so I can mute the subcategory for it. And devrel still pinged the international groups anyway, e.g


Is this a Discourse problem? This just happened with the Spanish category, and my notifications got spammed. If possible there should be some kind of opt-in group you can join that can get pinged on notifications, similar to how in some Discord servers there is an opt-in role you can join that will be pinged on announcements.


This just happened again in the spanish category…

Please do not do this. As a developer I only want notifications for stuff that is important to me, I think @sjr04’s solution is the best idea:

It frustrates me this keeps happening.


cc @TheHappyViking

I would say for you guys to mute those categories. At least the Portuguese one I know is extremely inactive, no one answers no one, I have considered leaving the category because they’ll send you messages with surveys and stuff which I don’t feel like are needed. I’m pretty sure the other internacional sub-categories are also extremely inactive, correct me if I’m wrong.

On the Portuguese category there can be multiple topics asking for help in which no one gets a reply or help, the only topics which are remotely active are usually the ones the staff pings everyone on.

So if you don’t use these internal groups, I would just leave it.

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This is the best compromise available. However, muting the announcement categories also hides it from a few places, making it harder to access.

Please refer to an earlier reply:

Instead of forcing developers to mute the announcements or just leave, Roblox should fix our concerns. Please stop posting “workarounds”, all of them have several trade-offs and I still want to participate in the portuguese sub-category.

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Hi @FxllenCode

The notifications you guys are receiving right now are from previous challenges/ Game Jams that we have released for the International categories. The reason is that we were moving some of our old posts to a new subcategory that was created in the Spanish group. This is just something momentarily and we were not aware of the notifications being sent. We only ping the groups when we released a challenge/event or anything important we do not want you guys to miss. We apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.


Could there be an opt-in system for this? I’m not too sure how this could work but in categories like the english categories, most developers follow the categories that are important to them, I think letting people know how to do that so they can follow important categories to them is a better option.

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You can also achieve that by setting the international announcement categories in the “default categories watching first post” setting on Discourse, that way people can actually opt out without needing to leave the group (and thus not being able to see the categories).

Pinging the entire group for each important announcement doesn’t feel scalable.


Thank you for the feedback, we will look into it.


Yeah that is not related. You are following that person. Just unfollow them or go to DevForum | Roblox then go to Follow and uncheck “Notify me when someone I follow replies.”

The @Programmers group also will not be notified when you mention it. It’s like mentioning a role on Discord using its ID even though it won’t actually notify users with the role.