Stop sending private messages for every trade request

This is a repost of this post. I’m not sure exactly what to do in this situation, since bumping is against the rules, but I decided to make a new post just because it’ll show up in the new category.

Getting a PM for every trade is annoying - it essentially doubles what you have to do to clean your interface.

The trades button on the sidebar already has its own notification setup, so why have a second, redundant way of showing that you have inbound trade?


Support. I’ve turned off trades for this very reason.


Support. Or make a new category of private messages called notifications. Where fr confirmations and trade requests go.
Or just have trades go to the already existing notification feature.


Hate to burst this bubble here, but this isn’t true. That’s ROBLOX+ feature.


With that out of the way, I highly support this, why not have trades go in to notification tab that ROBLOX already has?


Oh, gg me.


:stuck_out_tongue: Everyone makes mistakes. Lmao


Support, but I would take it a step further by requesting the option to turn trade requests in your notification stream.

It would also be nice for desktop notifications to support trade requests too.


Please for the love of god make this a thing.

It’s seriously interfering with my inbox when it’s bombarded with every single trade in existence. I have several dozen pages, probably up to 30 now of just trade requests. I’m not even sure if there are any messages I’ve received or if it’s just all trade requests!


I feel this topic needs to be revisited as the problem has not changed since the posting of this topic two years ago.

This is still a very annoying part of trading on roblox. Most people would agree that sending the messages is redundant, you could simply just add a notifier icon on the trade tab that shows the amount of trades you have or you could have it show up in the roblox notification stream. There’s no reason to have it send you messages without any means of disabling them.

It’s time consuming and pointless to clear out the messages that we are sent for trades, by the next hour my messages will be filled back up again and I might actually miss something important when archiving all of the trade requests.


All this spam makes it hard to see any messages from Roblox that might actually be important.
It would be really nice if these PMs stopped.
This was from a single day of trading:



Every time I login to Roblox lately I’ve been spammed with messages and trades sent usually by bots. It makes me manually delete all of my trade request manages so that I can make sure my message inbox is just important things. There is already a notification that exists next to the trade button that tells you there are inbound trades, why do we need a message from Roblox as well?


It’s not a huge issue, but just seems like it would be a good feature to clean up the website a bit. I try to actually read my messages, so when I’m receiving a ton of trade messages I have to clean up, it’s just a waste of time.


I support this thread.

I enjoy partaking in trading but unfortunately I have to turn my trades off due to missing out on opportunities/important messages.

Roblox Messages have no search feature so it’s almost impossible to filter through the spam.

Countless other big developers seem to agree. We need a toggle of trade messages