Stop showing games that are not playable on console

I would play Roblox on the Xbox way more if there was a better way to find games. At the moment, games will appear in sorts that are not actually playable on console, resulting in players like myself dealing with “game not available” prompts showing many, many times before a playable experience is found. As a player, this is very frustrating and usually leads me to closing Roblox before even playing a game.

This is such a baseline feature that should be included with the console version of Roblox. I’m baffled that this isn’t even implemented yet.


This could be a setting for Xbox users inside the app itself, that I feel would be the best course of action here. By default, it should not show games that are not available for Xbox other than games in the ‘Favorites’ tab and maybe the games that the user themselves has created.

In addition to this, I feel there should be an overlay icon or something that shows that a game is not available for Xbox.


This should also be the case for the Mobile version of Roblox. In my recently played tab, I can see games like “Phantom Forces” which are only available for PC, and it’s annoying. This shouldn’t be the case when searching for a specific game, but it shouldn’t appear elsewhere.


Hey folks

I’m the PM working on Xbox, and just wanted to say thanks for all the feedback. From a big picture perspective, we are really looking into investing in improving Xbox this year, both from a performance and a usability perspective.

This is something we are looking at improving this year! Thanks for calling it out, agreed its a clunky experience.


This is really awesome to see! Is there a ballpark time for when we could begin seeing console adjustments?

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Still a bit of a ways out as we are ramping the initiative up, but hopefully by the tail end of the summer.