Stop showing which place I'm working on in Studio!

If I recall correctly, fairly recently the bubbles that showed you which game someone was in didn’t abide by the follow settings, and you could always see which game they were playing. It looks like that’s been fixed though:

However, the place you’re working on in Studio still does not abide by follow settings. My main account has follow settings set to none, and when viewed from another account I can see which place I’m working on in Studio:

Stop it! Stop showing which places I’m working on in Studio! I don’t want to announce to the world what new projects I’m working on and have to deal with people asking me “Oh, what’s Project A??” Working on a file saved to my local disk is not an option since I need to be able to use DataStores, some universe functionality, as well as be able to test the game in play mode. I have to upload my places to ROBLOX, which is fine, but nobody should be able to see what I’m working on! Cut it out!


I agree 100%, but it’s not that big of a deal since people can still see what projects you have in your places, open or closed.

If it’s a group place they can’t see it in any sort of inventory.

Didn’t think of that, that’s true.

What happens when I have three different studio instances open at the same time?

The most recent one you opened is what your location is displayed as.

This has been fixed! Shout out to the ROBLOX staff!

It looks like regardless of your account settings it will always say “In Studio” and not the place name, and that makes the most sense to me (if you want people to know what you’re working on, you’ll tell them instead of having them constantly stalk what you’re working on)

Can confirm that this is now a thing without any extensions.

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It may not be fixed on the Friends page, but I can’t tell for sure because I don’t know the settings of the friends that are in studio currently.

If FLU set it to not display, then it’s definitely not working on the Friends page because I can see what place he’s working on from there:

Oh, that’s good to know. Staff pls fix this.

How would I make it not display though? You should be on my friends list, so you should be seeing what games I am in.

Lego, not entirely sure what you mean by that post. Can you clarify?

I would imagine it would be visible to Spacek since I have him on my friends list, and I have my setting to following me ingame set to friends, so he should see “Online - Some game”, instead of “Online - Ingame”, so he should see what I am doing in studio unless it is supposed to be just studio for everyone no matter what settings.

If I set my follow settings to none, my alt that I’m friends with can’t see which place I’m working on:

Regardless or not whether the staff agree with showing the exact place someone is working on in studio being unnecessary (if you want them to know you’d tell them), it would be nice if it were a separate setting. I want my friends to be able to follow me in-game but not be able to see what places I’m working on.

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I agree, I think this still hasn’t been implemented as well.

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I’m agree with you it can be boring, but it can also make your players happy to see an update is coming. For example, when I wasn’t a dev, I liked a lot the game Slap Battles. And one day I viewed the profile of the creator, @Tencelll. I was soo happy when I saw he was developing the game! So in my opinion this feature shouldn’t be deleted.


As far as I know, this was solved. If you have your joins off and are in-studio, it does not provide the game name you are currently working on on your profile. However, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…

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I was making a game in private. Guess what? Someone started mocking me on me updating the game since its more centered to younger ages.

NO ONE needs to know what I am making. Why the need?

Please realize we’re talking from the developers perspective; not the player/fan’s perspective.

Anyway, why did we return this thread to service after 7 years?


That’s true that it will be better if it was possible to allow some people to see what you are developing and not others.

I don’t know, I seen some people who posted before me here so I posted too.

Ask @MagnificentLuckeyMen.

Yes, you can do that, but the feature we want to see implemented is a separate option for this so that we can let people join us in experiences, but not be able to see what we’re working on in Studio.