Stop Suggesting Users to "Skip" Posts in Announcements

There are a few posts in the #updates:announcements category that would tell the reader something along these lines:

If your game doesn’t have x or y, then you may skip this post.
You need to have knowledge in x and y to understand z, otherwise skip this post.
If your game has the conditions x, y, and z, then keep on reading.

For what reason should users skip these posts? There’s nothing to gain by skipping a post. Users should read posts without any psychology acting against them. A lot of redundant questions can be avoided if more people read these posts and do the necessary research. This could even encourage the discussion of topics we haven’t had before on this forum.

If you’re going to reason out “it’s to save their time from reading something they won’t benefit from” then please don’t bother.


It seems like you’re nitpicking. This isn’t a real issue. Users can just as easily choose to ignore the suggestion.


This is a nitpick if I’m going to be honest, but I do believe this is worth suggesting.

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I’m personally ignorant in most of the things that they post in Announcements (stuff that has to do with scripting specially), but I ussually don’t care and still read every single announcement; so this doesn’t look like an actual issue.

I do not agree. Suggesting features to combat problems that don’t exist is spam, and creates noise that drowns out suggestions with real motivations behind them.


Users are being suggested to stop reading if they don’t meet certain conditions. Assuming users can simply ignore a statement cannot be guaranteed. The point of having a discussion forum is being contradicted if the staff/moderators themselves include these suggestions to stop users from reading a post. It doesn’t set a good example. Just because my suggestion doesn’t have a major impact or only has a benefit on < 0.5% of the users doesn’t mean my post is spam or has no motivation.

My suggestion is simple. 1 + 1 = 2
A user can choose to read or not. Do not add any psychology that could possibly discourage a user from reading a post. Regardless if this solves a problem or not, again it’s simply a suggestion.

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Developers are busy, it’s totally fine to give a suggestion to skip reading a particular section if it can be reasonably estimated it’s not worth their time since it never intersects with their work. It’s not dismissive, it’s respectful of their time.

You can ignore the suggestion to skip.


That is a fair point, but if a developer is truly busy then they won’t need a suggestion to stop them from putting off the reading for another time. Otherwise, it is completely beneficial to them to read these posts, regardless if it intersects their work or not.

I won’t bother continuing this discussion as I see the potential circular reasoning that may arise. The responses to this thread favors the suggestions to skip, so I am yet to be convinced that “respect for their time” is worth more than my suggestion.

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For something to be worth suggesting then the result would need to add value, or at the very least the discussion. Your suggestion does not add any value at all. Roblox disclosing what a post is about and who it is relevant too actually adds quite a bit of value. It lets devs know what impacts them and what doesn’t (saves time). Nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking takes away from devs times who are here to read legitimate feedback and comment on it, and instead a number of people have now taken time to explain to you why this was not useful because you’re doubling down on your nitpicking. So you have actually ended up taking away value from the forums overall by wasting people’s time.