Stop trying to bypass 30 characters

Then they should blacklist it if it’s considered a bypass.

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Just a big clap for all the chads here who are bypassing the 30 char limit, in a post trying to get people to stop doing exactly that.


30 ________ (sorry it didn’t let me post when I put the actual thing in) is not hard to reach at all. If you can’t reach that limit, your post is probably not worth posting.

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Please flag posts that are bypassing the 30-character limit. While we understand it may be frustrating to see so many posts bypassing the limit, we ask that you let us handle these posts and provide feedback to those bypassing, as our feedback is more official and thus more likely to be listened to.

Ignoring our feedback and continuing to bypass this limit can lead to a strike on your account. So I strongly advise not bypassing the character limit.