Stopping an `AnimationTrack` with a fade time of 0 "corrupts" the Transforms of bones

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When you stop an AnimationTrack with a fade time of 0 (i.e. track:Stop(0)), the bones get transformed to some odd state visually.

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This always happens. To reproduce, one can add a R15 rig in the workspace using the rig builder plugin that comes with Studio. Then run the simulation and run this script through the command bar:

local anim ="Animation")
anim.AnimationId = ''
local track = workspace.Dummy.Humanoid:LoadAnimation(anim)

When the animation stops, the bones are oriented something like this instead of the expected rest transforms:

If you would replace track:Stop(0) with track:Stop(.001), it’ll snap everything back to its rest transform properly:

Alternatively, replacing wait(1) with wait(3) will prevent the issue too (for this animation): the animation ends naturally (and does not loop). So if the animation isn’t playing, track:Stop(0) does no damage.

This video will illustrate the first two cases:

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Live, easy to reproduce using above steps

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See above

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Win 10 (but seems to happen on all machines)

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This has been an issue for a very long time, not sure when it started exactly.