Stopping hackers from hacking my games

So I created a game. Some guy used some hacking executer and started to mess around in game. I have never really had this problem until now. Does anyone know a simple way to stop or at least try to stop hackers from messing with game scripts and ruining things?

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What was he doing exactly?
Was he flying around or something else?

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If your game has remote events/remote functions then make sanity checks because that’s the 1 top priority that exploiters have to use for their scripts to work also if possible change some local scripts to server scripts then use a local script for remote com

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Just remember to do sanity checks when dealing with client-server communication, and add server side anticheats.

There are tons of forum posts that talk about anticheats, you can look into those.

anticheats im srry but is that sort of what sanity checks are?

Anticheats are scripts that can prevent exploiters and detect them.

An exploiter can only mess with the client, however you should look into serverside anticheats, there are a couple made already and some are free, some paid. Free ones you can find in the #resources:community-resources

Make sure you have sanity checks and other checks in your remote handling scripts.

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that could be better instead of doing it in the origin script i would suggest Bindable Events/Functions that way to pass the original functions in the origin script and then send that bindable function to the anti cheats scripts unless that can be exploited to :neutral_face:

bindableevents cant be exploited unless theyre client to client

Oh wait I forgot you cant send server script :arrow_right: local script with bindable remote/functions

1st of all, what is the exploiter doing in your game? Are they exploiting with their character? Messing around with what they send to the server? If we don’t know any of this information we can’t give proper advice on what you can do to mitigate them, other than the general advice of sanity check what the server recieves.