Storing data from a remote event

Hiya devs, I am making a system where a player can place an order and their order will appear on a UI for another player. The issue I have is I dont know how i’d store the food items to be given, and display them on a ui, if anyone could tell me that would be great! Since I only want to really create a text button with the players name when ordering

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You can use this with string values to save ur items! If I’m wrong with ur solution, I’m Sorry about it…


Hiya, so thank you however the system I am trying to create would be used for ui’s only, and wouldnt be saved between games.

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Oh, Oof. But I couldn’t understand what ur really looking for.

Use RemoteEvents. First fire the server with the required order, I also expect u to do sanity checks server-side, and after confirming tht the order is valid, fire it to another client who will display it in the specific UI.

I ended up just having to use values since its gonna be the only way that would be clear.