Storing morphs (Where should it be done?)

My game uses many morphs, which players can play as etc. I used to store them in replicated storage, but after being told that this slowed down my game loading times, I changed my method to storing in serverstorage instead.

You may be wondering, “So what’s the problem?”. My issue now is that I want to display the morphs in a viewport frame, but now that they are in “ServerStorage”, and not “ReplicatedStorage”, I can no longer access them with my local scripts.

Does anyone have some methods or ideas on how I could do this?

They should be fine in replicated storage, if you really want to use ServerStorage you can make a module that copies them over when the client asks

Just thought of this a few minutes ago. Would it be a viable solution to have a remote fire to the server which then puts a clone of the model into the viewport frame?

You could make a remote that when fired, puts the morphs into Replicated Storage for a few seconds and sends the client the object

how many morphs are you talking about? and I have used replicated for many different viewport model setups like this and it doesn’t seem to effect performance that much it will use a little more client memory depending on how many you have hundreds might effect it but anything less I don’t see it effecting it that much

you can see some of this in my game Ant Colony Simulator the items and ants are all in replicated so they can render in the client menus and in viewports on ant info windows

I own Ant Life. Your models seem to be low poly, mine have lots of detail and there are about 20-30 of them.

Yeah from my understanding it is only memory that would be used the rendering and even some of the downloading isn’t done until the item enters the workspace/viewport

you could do some testing with micro profiler or console. Although console does have a memory leak bug, so every time you open it increases the client memory

Yeah I have the original game like that I made back in 2015 just haven’t pushed the new updated version I am working on yet this is the old version its kinda bugged since some roblox changes/updates

Cool to see yours doing good