Storm Analysis Inc. 1.0B "Goshen" Changelog

Storm Analysis Inc. (SAI) 1.0B (7/9/24) Changelog


  • Complete overhaul of the current radar system + optimizations
  • Risk outlines with wind/tornado/hail probabilities
  • Players can warn storms manually in private servers
  • Ability for the map to have more than one concurrent severe risk
  • Canadian radars added, with different resolutions compared to US ones
  • Terminal radars added with DBZ damping
  • Tornadoes are less likely to occur over water, plus tornado tracks over water do not show up and are not counted to the final count
  • More realistic couplets, debris balls, etc.
  • TVS markers for tornadoes
  • Significant improvements to all radar products
  • Radar keybinds re-added
  • Added wall cloud, funnel, tornado, and wind reports
  • TDS heights are now based on intensity + population density & shown next to tornadoes
  • Radars can go down at the start of the day or when hit by tornadoes
  • Tornado tracks appear after the tornado occludes
  • Added radar ground clutter & noise
  • Added color tables, plus the ability to change them
  • Fixed radar bugs
  • Water culling for radar
  • Summary at 04z of the tornadoes/reports/warnings in the event
  • Tornadoes over water no longer cause fatalities or have TDS heights
  • Couplet size & shape changes
  • Range folding


  • Storm behavior/appearance is now dependent on storm relative wind, deep-layer shear, hodograph, & storm motion
  • More realistic couplets, lower DBZ debris ball, and more realistic hailcores
  • Forward flank downdrafts behave more similarly to the real world
  • Inflow width changes with deep layer shear
  • Supercell size can now vary depending on the environment
  • CI more realistic (quantity & appearance)
  • Tornado fatalities are now directly based on strength + population, fewer in weak tornadoes
  • Storms/tornadoes can vary in intensity gradually over time while producing, depending on the environment
  • High-end environments occur less often
  • Supercell count is reduced in lower-end environments
  • Tornadoes are less likely to be EF-U
  • Tornado widths made more realistic and varied, changing during lifetime
  • Several severe hazards
  • Storm scale adjusted to be more realistic
  • The longer tracked the tornado, the more likely it is to occlude


  • Parcel paths fixed to be more realistic
  • V-temp and Dew Point corrected on Skew-T’s
  • LCL heights now function similar to the real-world
  • Boundary layer decoupling/destabilization throughout the day
  • Added numerous forecasting parameters (CAPE, shear, STP, etc.)
  • Sounding and model viewer with Hodographs/Skew-Ts for the entire map, including the ability to view the environment several hours in advance
  • Soundings evolve organically over the day
  • Environment changes in spatial extent throughout the day
  • Added ability for environments to have an EML
  • Increased hodograph variance (shape/size)
  • Thermos generate more realistically
  • Dewpoints lower over the western US
  • Complete UI redesign for sounding viewer
  • Adjustments to environment influence on tornadic potential


  • Automatically generated, geographically accurate cities for all 50 states
    ~19,000 cities!
  • Adjusted city sizes to be less proportional to population


  • Complete overhaul of the main menu
  • Main menu SFX effects added
  • Game soundtrack added to main menu
  • Credits/Settings added
  • Ingame UI overhauled
  • Fixed mobile zooming
  • Clock adjustments (Zulu time)
  • Last Updated time for radar sweeps


  • More realistic day/night cycle
  • Fixed in game memory leaks
  • General optimizations for smoother gameplay
  • Added credits, a currency that will matter in future updates
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