Story Development

About Us
Hi There my names is Architect or Des and i am currently making a story game and also hiring!

The Team
@Me - Scripter/Idea Maker/ Owner
@DoctorNO2106 - Lead Scripter/Co Owner
@Maybe(still application) - Scripter
@You - Lead UI
@ChillMangoz - Story Writer
@You - Lead Modeler/Builder
@You - Modeler/Builder
@ChillMangoz - Roblox Studio Animator or Blender Animator
@Manager- You(no pay but still fun)

You can see our progress so far here: (i will show in discord to it not uploading)

About The Job
I am looking for people that are not too strict but kind of are and can have fun once in a while and know a few major thing of story games we will be making plenty as of i have around 10 - 15 ideas in mind.

Why Story Games
well stories because i think it is easy for people to understand and would not take longer than simulators, we would ofc make other games but i think stories would be a good start to earn group members or some what.

i do not expect each story to take more than 2 months perhaps if it does it is got to be a good one and not an outdated one.


I am paying in percentages and i will be doing ads for more than 10k robux up to 50k depending on how good the story is if it is rushed and how the scripts are made. and how much fun you had making it. i always take my devs first before me since they do most of the work

Why you should apply!
you should apply because i think everyone deserves a chance to work with people not saying you have not before and also just want to have fun developing not just laying back developing a game feels like quitting and don’t know what to do it will be fun this time!

Contact Us

you can contact me most definitely here but discord is preferable.
Discord: Sabotator!#5045

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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