Story Game Dev looking for builders/modelers/UI

About Us

Hi there! We’re Tinted Productions

We’re looking for a builder who also can 3D model. if not that is fine as well.

The team

@DesDnAz - Team Manager, scripter

@DoctorNO2106 - Lead Scripter/Co-owner

@DevBeat - Scripter

@you - Ui Designer

@you- Builder/3D modeler

Requrements :

Must be 13 years of age or older

Must know what your doing (obviously)

Can not be absent for more than a week

Good communication skills


Here is some of our progress so far


We are currently paying 20-25% of all game earnings.

Prices are negotiable

If you are interested, contact @DesDnAz via Discord (Lifetimeisnotgood


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